Wednesday, June 21, 2017

winter wednesday

Winter Wednesday; A series of photos showing what winter looks like around here.  

Winter winds sweep away the dead leaves of our lives ~Terri Guillemets

Nature always wears the colour of the spirit ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

What good is the warmth of Summer, without the cold of Winter to give it sweetness ~ John Steinbeck

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather ~ John Ruskin

Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour ~ John Boswell.

Let us love Winter, for it is the spring of genius ~ Petro Aretino

Winter is a time for comfort, for good food and warmth, the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is time for home ~Edith Sitwel

No Winter lasts forever, no Spring skips its turn ~ Hal Borland

Winter, which, full of care, makes summer's welcome thrice more wish'd, more rare ~ William Shakespear

One kind word can warm three Winter months ~ Japanese Proverb

No matter how long Winter is, Spring is sure to follow ~ Proverb

Have a lovely and enjoyable day,


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Around here...busy, busy

Hello dear friends,

Once again time has escaped from me and this poor blog has been neglected. 

There has been a bit going on around here since I last posted, starting with hubby having wisdom teeth removed a few weeks ago.  We had to travel to a nearby town for him to have the surgery. He is fully recovered now.

He was a very sorry sight with an ice-pack held in place with a tea-towel and a pair of my pantyhose lol!

While waiting around at the hospital, I read a couple of books on permaculture that I had taken along with me. The whole process got me intrigued, so I have been looking further into permaculture hoping that I can implement the methods around here to help with the growing of plants. Working with nature, it all makes so much sense. 

After watching many a youtube video I have been inspired by the works of Geoff Lawton and his helpers with the greening of the desert in Jordan. He has done amazing things over there.  I also watched a video where Ethiopia has also been transformed into a green oasis, just by adding permaculture principles.  So there is hope for me yet.

With all my new found knowledge, I have many ideas buzzing around inside my head that I want to try, so stay tuned.

There has been a bit happening out in the veggie patch.  We have had to put a makeshift cover over to protect the plants from the overnight frosts we are having. 

I have replanted some young tomato seedlings that came up after the last rain.  Not sure how they are going to go through Winter.  Time will tell.




Tomatoes. I still have heaps on the vines. They are taking their time to ripen because of the cold. The plants are still flowering.  Only this morning I had a blue bummed bee out there buzzing about.




There are still plenty of capsicum on the bushes.  I pick them and crunch like an apple. So sweet and juicy, yum!!

The hens have been laying really well for this time of year. We put our sign out to sell but there were no takers, so I have frozen some of the excess eggs for the Winter season.

Our son has a Guava tree in his yard and it has had an abundance of fruit on it.  They weren't eating them so I gathered up a few to bring home.  I wasn't sure what to do with guavas so I stewed them up and dried the mix to make fruit leather. 

Luckily for me, quinces have been readily available at the nearby farmers markets.  I love this yummy quince compote, served with homemade yoghurt and muesli.

A neighbour near my parents had a clearing sale...I got all this lot and lots more (books) for $2.00! Very useful information in this old pile of books.

Also at the sale was this retro bench that we bought for $25.00. It is in really good order and is very sturdy. We have plans to repaint it.

A little bartering went on last week. I swapped eggs for some freshly caught salmon.

The olives are done and dusted.

 Rhubarb cake for hubby to take to work.

While out back last week, I saw this strange looking thing near my succulents. Apparently it is an exploded puff ball.  I don't recall ever seeing one of these before. 

The fire is on and I put it to good use by heating, cooking and drying.  

Here is sourdough drying by the fire.  This batch is going to my daughter in Sydney.

Sourdough brewing on the kitchen bench.

Hopefully my daughter will be making loaves like this soon.

Roasted pumpkin soup.

 Grapefruit and limes? Or are they lemons? I thought limes were green!

I had this weird looking spider inside today. A cross between a bug and spider?  I gently relocated it outside. Anyone seen one of these before? His front feelers (or legs) were constantly moving back and forth...

I saw these pretty succulents whilst out and about last weekend.  I brought home a couple of pieces to propagate.

Outside my kitchen window...

Loving clean windows and sunshine!

Wandering around the yard on these lovely days,  everything is looking pretty even though it is Winter time.

Beautiful sunshine makes everything look bright and green.

Chooks enjoying their greens.

Out the back today I stumbled upon a ruby saltbush with its pretty fruit on show. Apparently it is edible bush tucker and it is growing abundantly this year. I am not going to put it to the test though.

And lastly, I created this cute little cottage from bits and pieces around the yard.  All it is, is some gravel rocks stuck onto a firm piece of bark or wood.  I used an odd shaped bit of bark, small pieces of the same bark to make the door and window, and some flaky bark for the roof. Moss could also be used. Add some pretty paint and a couple of flowers and there you have a lovely knick-knack to place on a window sill or outside somewhere. 

Well that about wraps up what has been going on around here.

See you next time xx