Friday, September 12, 2014

Come Walk With Me

It was a nice day for a Sunday stroll at Flinder's Lookout Port Augusta

A commemorative plaque marking Matthew Flinders exploration of our area

 Railway bridge in the distance at the top of the gulf

Redbanks cliff face

 Willy Wagtail



Vast barren country

Mt Brown

 Cliff edge

Looking back

Shingle Back Lizard on the run

 Tiny daisy wildflower

Getting closer to the railway bridge

 We discovered these were some of our friends walking down below

 Billy Button wildflowers

Billy Buttons

 Native pigface

 We reached the Railway bridge

The Flinder's Ranges

Top of the gulf

Bush track

 These cliffs show beautiful colours at different times of the day. The morning is the best time, when the sun is shining on them.  We didn't go until the afternoon.  


I found this video on Youtube showing an aerial tour of Port Augusta if you want to check it out.  This is where we live, and it shows Redbanks and lots of other attractions :) 

 Heading back

Flinder's Lookout car park 



 Train leaving the junction

Genesee & Wyoming Australia 

I discovered that my camera was on the wrong setting after taking these photos, so some of them appear a little bright J

Spring has arrived!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Little Frugal Fun

Joining with Wendy from My Abundant Life and sharing my frugal tasks from last week.

I have been preparing the garden beds for seedlings to go in. So far I have bought some zucchini, cucumber and lettuce seedlings. I gathered together the seeds I am wanting to grow, which include butternut pumpkin and tomatoes. These seeds were saved from our garden pickings last season. I chopped back our capsicums as they are starting to re-shoot with this glorious spring weather we are having. It was 30C (86F) yesterday. 
The chard is growing brilliantly.

 zucchini and cucumber seedlings

 mixed lettuce

 ready for the seeds 

chard or silverbeet

 getting a plot ready

 capsicum shoots

Our chooks are now laying about a dozen eggs a day.  Two new chickens hatched out and another hen went broody. 
We get our grain for free, but we pay for laying pellets and bran. I soak some of the wheat for a couple of days, until it swells and almost sprouts. It is very healthy for the hens and they love it! 
The money we get from selling our eggs helps to cover the costs for the upkeep of our girls.  

 two new chicks

 with mama

 enjoying some greens

another broody girl


I picked up some free sourdough bread from the Salvos (Salvation Army), which I sliced up and froze.  It is not the freshest, but okay for toasties, breadcrumbs etc. The Salvos collect various kinds of bread from Cole's every week and it is given away to whoever wants it.

sourdough toasties

I was also lucky enough to find five loaves of raisin bread for 75c each at Woollies, reduced down from $4.99. I gave some away, made bread and butter pudding with half a loaf, then put the rest in the freezer. I spread the raisin bread with homemade apricot jam instead of butter J

bread and butter pudding made with raisin bread

I have been squeezing oranges, mandarins and grapefruit from our trees every morning for breakfast. I mixed the three juices together and it tastes delicious. I even made some mandarin curd J  





mandarin curd

Our quandongs are ripening by the day, so I have been stewing them up and putting in two cup lots in the freezer.

on the tree

 on the ground

in the bucket

in my tummy 

As always our clothes were line dried.


 I made some of Wendy's Cranberry Hootie Creek biscuits to enjoy with our cups of tea, and they are yum! I had white chocolate and cashews leftover from last Christmas, so I added them to the mix. 


I asked hubby to dye my hair, thus saving money and time by not going to the salon. I cant believe how expensive that has become. I also cut hubby’s hair in return.

I stayed away from the shops as long as possible, therefore not spending as much money. I had three spend-less days, so I am happy with that.

Hubby (with the help of our electrician son) has installed some LED floodlights outside. We had five 100 watt floodlights but now they have been replaced by seven 10 watts and two 20 watt LED's. That means we have gone from 500 watt lights down to 110 watts so that will be a saving on our electricity.  A saving 390 watts, and the lights are way brighter :)

 up the ladder

new lights

What about you? Do you live a frugal/simple life?  If so, what are some of your tips? I would love to hear them J
I am always looking for ways to cut down costs, as things are getting very expensive, especially the essentials, like electricity, water, land-rates and phone etc. My goal is to pay off our mortgage in about two years and be debt free!

If you are interested in some great frugal ideas, please visit Wendy's site at My Abundant Life. If you live in Australia, you may have seen her recently on A Current Affair as Australia's Tightest Family