Thursday, January 19, 2017

goings on


The winter wood pile is growing.  All those trees down from storms have been a blessing.

A new tap on our rainwater tank near the shed. This will be used to water some of our trees. 

 Apples are growing.

Almost ready for picking.

Strawberry plants.


Pollinating zucchini flowers.

Capsicum. Waiting for these to turn red.

Freshly planted oregano.

And thyme.

Greek cucumber.

New life that the rain brings...self seeded tomatoes.



Brightness of summer.

Loving having them close.  My parents new home on ten acres.


I was talking to my dad about soap making and he showed me this. An old tin of caustic soda, never opened. 

On the back are instructions for soap making from days gone by. It never ceases to amaze me what he has in his possession.

Some reading from the local farmers markets.  All these for a two dollar donation. 

Bigger bubbles now.

First sourdough loaf and rolls using this recipe. Thank you Joolz.

Pasta bake with sourdough bread topping.

Thinking of ways to use up zucchinis. This is carrot and zucchini slice.

This was our week. 

Just ordinary days doing ordinary things.

The days have been quite hot and the humidity a little hard to bear.  I am not used to sweating so much, and it drains my energy. But life goes on and jobs still need doing so I plug along as best I can, all the while reminding myself that in life there are worse things to bear than a bit of humid weather. Tomorrow will be cool and the promise of more rain. All will be good again. 

How was your week? Is it humid at your place? Aren't we having strange weather this year?

Friday, January 13, 2017

here at home

I love this time of year. The lazy, slow days of January, where one day runs into another. After all the hype that is Christmas, it is so good to be just enjoying the everyday things at a slower pace.

I have been pottering about spending a bit of time in the garden, nurturing my plants so they grow well and keep us in vegetables for the summer.  I am picking tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchinis, capsicum, kale, celery, silver beet and the occasional strawberry. The weather has been pleasant most days apart from the occasional hot day, like yesterday. Today the cool change has arrived and the thirsty soil is soaking up gentle rain.

And then there are the other things like making and baking. For the first time this week I made ratatouille using a recipe from Forks over Knives cookbook.  The eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes were picked from the vegetable garden, and it tasted really good. 

On the bench there are two batches of sourdough brewing, this time around the starter is doing better. I was given a dried starter from a friend and also trying a method for making my own starter. 

I have continued to prepare my own yoghurt. I mix together a fresh batch twice a week and serve it for breakfast with stewed fruit and some homemade muesli. I also use it occasionally in baking, it is a good replacement for buttermilk in recipes.

For such a long time I have wanted to make soap and this finally happened yesterday afternoon.  I used the same method as seen on Annabel's blog.  It was fun to do and I do not know why I hadn't tried it sooner. Next I will try this method. 

This willy wag tail nest did not survive the last storm. Tree down, eggs lost.


 I received this cart from my family for Christmas. It will be ever so useful.

Three more drying racks. Thank you hubby.

Teenage chicks. Aren't these just the funniest looking creatures?

Freshly laid eggs.

Grandbabies.  Ever had trouble taking a photo of a teenager? I do.

No trouble for this little darling.



Remembering. A rose for Rose who lost her battle with breast cancer this week.


Making muesli. A bit of this and that.

Bliss balls.

Sourdough bubbles.

Flat bread to be enjoyed with meals.



Beauty at days end.

How have you filled your days? 

Do you slow down this time of the year?

Hoping this day has been kind to you.