Friday, February 9, 2018

around here

Australia Day in the park.


Stripping leaves from dried oregano.

Herbs for a friend.

Saving seeds.


Beautiful skies.


What 47C (116.6F) plus looks like...

Time to cool off...

We had rain...

Foraging for free food...


Having fun in the big smoke...Train driver Phil!

A special birthday boy.

We are having lots of very hot weather here.  How about you?

See you soon,


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

simple days at home

I am taking in a new view for my early morning walk. A change of scenery is good.

A clean and tidy pantry. Nothing fancy, just in order.

Home made muesli.
A bit of this and that. I start with about four cups of rolled oats and add a bit of everything else. You can stir through some molasses or honey if you like. I don't toast mine because I feel it kills any nutrients that may be in the food. I prefer as natural as possible. The muesli is served with fresh fruit for a delicious wholesome breakfast.

On the shelf.

Any one for tea?

Daisy love.

Rescued chrysanthemums.

The mother in law tongue has multiplied.

Our place to keep cool.





Lemon grass.

Cucumber vine.

Home made multi purpose miracle spray.

And laundry detergent.

Fresh smelling laundry.

A visit from my grandson...and his guitar.

On the window sill.

Gifted figs.

A very lucky thrift shop haul, with quite a bit of vintage amongst it.

This pretty little dress was tucked in with the fabric. I am hoping to finish it off for my grand daughter to wear later on. It just needs the neck done, and I am thinking a white collar maybe? Suggestions welcome.

 Love the smocking and tiny grub roses.

Vintage table cloth.

This is a single sheet set and will be made into something pretty.

And thank you Julie for recommending this most delicious Lemon Drizzle cake. This is so bad, but oh so GOOD! The recipe can be found here.

How is your week going? Are you doing something special for Australia Day?

It is will be too hot here for any celebrations. We will go to the early morning breakfast in the park, then hide ourselves away for the day.