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Saturday, January 9, 2010

At days end in Port Augusta

After a scorching hot day.....

Where do people go to cool off?

Maybe a little jetty jumping?

I think I shall leave that to the young ones.....

The bridge over our gulf....

This is the main highway that crosses from the east to the west of Australia

The Flinders Ranges with Mt Brown in the background....

The Westside foreshore....

Fancy a swim in the gulf?

On old grader left to live out it's days on the edge of a salt lake
In the back ground is the Power station that supplies power to a great part of South Australia

I measured the temperature under the verandah today at 45C (113F).

These poor sparrows were feeling the heat. They sat outside our front door trying to get some cool air from the air conditioner.

Another hot one tomorrow 44C (111.2F)

Have a great weekend everybody,



  1. That is hot...we are freezing here, it's 3F (-16C). It's going to be a cold day today.
    I love all the photos! I hope you can find a way to cool off today...I can't imagine that kind of heat.

  2. Hi Tania

    Yeah, not so bad here - around 34C - but tomorrow it gonna be 40C.
    We are off to Cape Jaffa for the Seafood & Wine Fest - better pack the sunscreen, eh?
    Hope things cool off soon for you,


  3. Hi Tania,
    You were hotter than us today, and I thought that it was hot here. I am so glad that we have the swimming pool to cool off in.

    We had visitors today, and they (including their four little girls) thoroughly enjoyed the pool, too.

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Wow, that is hot! We get that hot occasionally here in Oklahoma, usually August. But today we're in the middle of an artic blast and this morning we sit at 4 degrees F. A little below normal for us! Wish I could fly down and join the little sparrows for some warmth!


  5. Hi Tania,
    unbelievable ! In Germany we have this weekend a snow storm (called Daisy) with around minus 15° C ! They told us via tv to stay at home and that there could be a nationwide power blackout.....it is also very hard for the animals here and in your country as well. Couldn´t we exchange a bit the degrees ? I´ll send you a bit cooler and you to me a bit warmer air, and everything would be fine..

    Hope Daisy leaves soon and finds her Donald......

    Wish you a wonderful weekend !

  6. I can't believe how hot it is for you guys, while we are freezing our buts off here.........I'll swap your temperatures for the day if you'll take mine.....LOL

    Gill in Canada

  7. Hi Tania,34 here today,not too bad.Very tropical !!!No rain for 2 days now,so at least I can get the washing done and the floors washed.I hope it cools off soon for you.Bring on Autumn.....:0)

  8. I like Eve's idea above about exchanging a few degrees!
    You really feel for the animals, don't you. We've heard that some birds haven't made it over in S.A.
    So sad.

  9. Wow, I feel sorry for you! That is hot!

    I love your pictures. So nice to see some place that is warm and toasty. I look out my window and it is frosty, cold, windy and a ton of snow!

    Keep cool and have a great weekend. :)


  10. Have you got any relief from the heat yet? It is cooler here today.
    Stay cool if possible

  11. It is still hot here Debbie, 44C today. Coolish change tomorrow I think.

    I am sick of sitting around.


  12. Beautiful photos. Sorry about the heat :(

  13. Ages since I have visited you. I am so glad that your health is so much better, you are certainly having a healthy breakfast and lunch.


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