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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random photos of a day on the farm

A bit later than I had hoped, but as promised photos of my daughter and SIL's little hobby farm.
They have purchased 21 acres in the beautiful Flinders Ranges at Quorn.
(Thank you to K. Harrison for some of these photos)

Our youngest daughter, son, Magic the mini pony and Oscar the dog.

Number one grandson having fun with the 'pet' snake...

Say cheese...

The 'pet' snake with SIL. Showing that the snake had a full tummy by the bulge...
The view...
Magic the mini pony....
Baby puppies...
These puppies have since been sold...
Some of the horses...
Last count there were about 16...
Too cute...
Young foal...
'Tom' the siamese cross farm cat...
Magic the mini pony, not impressed at all with all the attention.
We had a lovely day with a barbeque lunch, twas very cold though, and we were glad to get home to a nice warm fire.

Things have been pretty busy here of late, with working and a trip to Port Lincoln, I haven't had much spare time to blog.

Best wishes to you all,



  1. oh it has been so cold. I keep on cranking the heater up here.

    Great photos Tania.

  2. Every time I see photos of yor part of the world, I am reminded of how beautiful it is, and how much I need to get back there.

    It's been a while.

    The mini pony is sooo gorgeous. I'd better make sure my 3 year old doesn't see the photos, or she'll want one for sure - we live in a horsey area, and she's already pony crazy!

    Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Nice farm! Fun [ictures, too. Such a peaceful looking area. Yes, it looked cold, but here I am in Oklahoma in the middle of July heat.


  4. Great photo's Tania :0)
    It was nice to see more of your family and their great farm!
    I bet the cold wind whistles over those open flat paddocks,lol...

  5. I was in love with the place until I saw the snake........

    Great photos though.

    Gill in Canada

  6. What lovely photos! Well, except for the snake, that is...
    That looks to be a lovely area of the country and I would love to check it out someday before I leave for home.

  7. It all looks so lovely! I'm not sure I should show my daughter though, she'll nag us for a pony again lol :)

  8. The pics are great and every childs dream place Thank you for thelovely comment on my blog,I agree with all you said i am the same.Have a lovely weekend and it looks like you are planning a trip soon so safe travel there.Blessings to your lovely family.


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