Saturday, October 22, 2011

Out With The Old, In With The New



What a difference it makes!

Sorry I am a bit quiet in blog land but I am a little busy at the moment...the whole house is being de-cluttered and cleaned, starting with the kitchen...I am loving my new benches :)

I will blog about my big de-clutter a bit later...

Wishing you all well,



  1. You have a gorgeous kitchen, Tania. Have fun decluttering!

  2. Looks good, hope you enjoy working in it :)
    I am doing a big declutter atm as well & like you I started in the kitchen. I am absolutely over washing up as I took ever single thing out of my cupboards to wash, clean & sort. It's taken me MANY days.
    Have a great w/e

  3. I love it Tania, I want your bench tops!!!!!!

  4. Your new bench tops do make a difference! :) Have fun with the decluttering.
    Anne xx

  5. Keep up the good looks much better! I love a good declutter 'cos it's something I can really get my teeth into and makes me feel decluttered on the inside too!

  6. GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK TANIA! i've missed you!

    Your decluttering looks great!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    I've reached my 200th post so I've got a prize giveaway on my's a pretty EMMA BRIDGEWATER TIN!

    Sft x

  7. Great to see you posting again! Love the kitchen Tania.

  8. hi tania
    great job!! your kitchen looks much better!!!!!!
    have a nice weekend,
    love regina

  9. I love your benches! They really brighten the kitchen. Happy cooking!

  10. must be something in the air Tania. Today I started in the boys room. I am going to work my way through the house till every room is done. I got 3 bags of give aways and 1 bag of rubbish from their room alone. The smallest bedroom in the house.

  11. wow what a difference. Glad you are all fine. Been wondering where you had got to. Look forward to seeing more photos.

  12. Hi Tania! I'm Lori (Serenity in the Suburbs)...FINALLY updated my browser and, lo and behold, my "Google Friends" Follower list showed up again on my blog, and there you were! I'm so glad to "meet" you now! I love your new, that really did make a difference! (New oven, too...sweet!) Is that a big water filter on the counter? Or one of those ceramic coolers? It's lovely! I have a Berkey filter, it's on a hamper in the mud room...not very stylish, but it gets the gunk out of our water.

    I'm looking forward to poking around here more now...I'm wanting to do a big de-clutter again before the snow falls here, so I can just enjoy relaxing by the fireplace instead of being stressed out by clutter and not being able to sit outside, away from it, LOL!

    Lori (aka "IllinoisLori")

  13. Gee that brightened it all up, I love the look of it so far..great work.

  14. your kitchen is lovely and the new bench makes such a difference..i love the feeling after a good declutter

  15. The kitchen revamp looks great. Have fun with that de-cluttering - I have spied a few areas that I need to re-de-clutter at home but it's finding the time after work to do it. I might have to hit up the boss for a few days off!


  16. I adore your kitchen. Just beautiful. Seems like we are both on the same journey simplify, organize and declutter...


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