Thursday, July 12, 2012

This week

Some new babies...

 freshly laid, still warm egg...

Some reading...

 Baby bearded dragon...

Hubby came across this little fella when moving soil to the new garden beds,
We have found him a new home...

 The covered garden
to protect from frosts...

 It didn't work :(

 Minus 3.8 was just too much for some of our plants...

They have been cooked...

The new garden area...

Hubby has made some more beds and placed some tyres around for growing pumpkins, watermelon and the like come Spring time...

Death defying act of standing on the fence to take a photo eek!

with the older area...

Tuesday evening sunset...

 Wednesday morning sunrise...

We have had a lovely lot of rain over the last few days. 50.5mm (202pts) (2inches), which is a big boost for all the plants...The days have been pleasant with temperatures of around 20C (68F), not too bad for the middle of Winter.  Today is a beautiful bright sunny day :)

How has your week been?



  1. Havnt even ventured down the back for days......your new beds and area look fantastic.....

  2. Sounds like a lovely week Tania. Sorry to hear about the frost. Your temps sure are great though for the middle of winter! I would take those any day.

  3. So sorry to hear about the frost burn to your vegetables. The sunset and sunrise are gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  4. The new area is coming along well. Lovely to see your new chicks too. It's been grey and grey here and we have lit the fire a couple of nights instead of the heat pump just to have some visual warmth and cosiness too. In the garden, everything is in limbo, waiting, waiting....

  5. When I look at your blog header picture, it's a testament to your planning and hard work that you can get vegies to grow there at all. I hope you don't lose too much to the frost.

  6. Oh those little chicks are so cute!
    Love the new veggie beds and the tyres for the pumpkins is a great idea!!

  7. so sorry to hear about the frost burn to your vegies.your new bed area looks fantastic.amazing sunset and sunrise!!

  8. All looking good outback. Frost isn't much fun when it turns things to mush overnight. Loved the wee dragon and the chicks are pretty cute too.

  9. How nice for me to get a glimpse for your season ahead of us! Cute little chicks. I like your reading...I've been reading similar! Sorry about your garden...but it is smart of you(your husband) to plan ahead for new gardens. love,andrea

  10. Great pictures and a beautiful new garden. I love the pictures of the chicks.
    Have a great day.

  11. The garden is looking great Tania :) love the little dragon photos, the boys would be very envious lol :) Ruth xx

  12. I love your little chooks - so cute! It seems as though many areas have had rain last week. We did too, but our low never gets below 17*C so no frost here!

  13. Wow get frosts?? I thought the outback was all hot!
    Is that a silver duckwing bantam with the chicks?

  14. Yes we get quite a few frosts Kim. Every now and then we get a doozy like the one that burnt our plants. I believe that mum could be a silver duck wing bantam, she is an excellent brooder and mother :)


  15. I marvel at new life.. Little balls of fluff running around :))
    Are they locked away at night??
    Gardens are a bit sad this time of the year, But it will bloom again..
    Thanks for sharing your pics :))

  16. Love your new veg garden, I must show it to Joe. We need to totally redo ours, it's a total shambles :(

  17. Hi Tania...ha...I just saw you enjoyed my red skelton quotes..:)

  18. Hi Tania-- saw that you are my newest follower. I don't recall you commenting...but I didn't noticed that you're following. :) So thanks!

    I just came over to take a peek around your place...sort of looks like East Texas to me... I forget that Australia has opposite I'm guessing it's chilly there. Hot here.
    Loved seeing photos of your gardens and all that surrounds your home!
    I'll be back...
    I'm your newest follower!
    so nice to meet you, Pat

  19. Sorry to hear about the frost on your crops, but at least you have some gorgeous little chicks to cheer you up, they look great! The veggie beds look the goods too! Welldone.

  20. Beautiful sky vistas.

    We've been at 99f and humid so is meant to break tonight and rain, so will be just right by Saturday for outside Grad party. Or all the guests would be wilting.

    Lil Bit Brit

  21. Loving your new chicks....... I hope you get a few hens and not all roosters. B......frosts!! boy they cause havoc in the garden, I'm using frost covers in my plot and so far all growing ok.
    Great pics of the sunset/sunrise.


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