Friday, November 30, 2012

Testing photos

I have adjusted the size of my photos and I am just testing to see if they are far so good :)

is getting older by the day, 
she is now fourteen, and slowing right down.  Her sight is failing, hearing is gone, she can still smell as good as ever. There are no teeth to speak of, and her back gives her trouble with arthritis but...if she can convince someone to throw a ball for her, she can still chase that no problems! 

 Talking with dad...
wonder what she is saying?
I bet it has something to do with a ball lol!


The full moon 

 Today's pickings...

We have had another hot, humid day with 40C (104F).  A storm is brewing outside, with thunder and lightening.  Fingers crossed we get some decent rain this time.

Have a lovely weekend, 



  1. I rains here for approximately 4 minutes , heavy then stops.....I wish it would just rain heavy allll night...and fill up my tanks that are spluttering on empty...........already....

  2. Millie is adorable and the pictures are great. Good luck in getting some of that rain!

  3. The pictures look great! I love the photo of the full moon especially. My camera doesn't quite capture it as well as I would like and your pictures turned out beautiful :)

  4. The photos are great! Have a good weekend!

  5. Hi Tania, Lovely photos. We ran out of our photo quota on the blog too...I have made it last a bit longer as I had an old blog that I deleted photos from .
    It is so hot here today , it has just got to rain. Hope you get some rain your way.

  6. All good this end Tania :)) Crazy weather we are having here in OZ, fires , snow, storms... Stay safe :))

  7. Great snapshots! Thanks for the post

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  8. Hi Tania, what a beautiful pic of Millie with your Hubby.

  9. Millie is a sweetheart. Still very sad over loosing our Molly.

    Great photos,

    Gill in Canada, hope to get above freezing today!!!


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