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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Come walk with me...

Almost every morning, bright and early we go for our 3km (1.8miles)walk/run.
Just a nice distance for now.  Soon we are hoping to go longer distances now that we are feeling a lot fitter J

We look like dorks, but at least the flies cant annoy us...Yesterday on our walk I happened to swallow a fly.  The most awful thing! I could not stop coughing for about half an hour.  I don't know whether it was the actual fly or the thought of swallowing a fly that caused me to almost vomit lol! 
Note to self: Do not forget the fly veil!
Sorry about the not very good selfie J

We walk at a brisk pace down one of the side roads near us...

 I took my mobile phone with me to take some pictures for you...
Looking at Mount Brown in the distance.

 There are about ten houses on small hobby farmlets down this road. 
They range from 2.5 to 10 or more acres.  A few of them have horses.  

 To the right there are sand hills like the one pictured at the top of my blog.  We sometimes go walking/running through these.  I will take my camera or mobile next time to show you...

To the left is a house.  This is the original owner of all the land along this road.  They have sold most of it now and live on their little piece of dirt...

 Bush land and sand hills.  
Occasionally we will see a kangaroo or two J
But not on this morning...

 Down the road we go...

Coming up to another house. 
 This was the original owners until they sold and re built...

 To the right is another property,  this one is secluded...

Lovely bright morning sunshine J

Continuing on...

One of our newest neighbours on the left...
and my finger...whoops J

Down there is the end of the road...

 Looking across to the Flinder's Ranges in the distance...

 And then back down the road to home we go.
The dust is from a car that went passed us.

Dry sandy soil...

Looking the other way at the secluded house, with solar panels on the roof...
Not that surprising as most houses these days seem to have panels on them.

I tried to get a photo of solar panels on top of this roof on the other side of the road, but I am a bit far away...

Looking down the road towards home...

 Some Aussie flags on the fence...

And across the other side...

Hidden behind this fence is another house...this one has stables and horses...

 And yet another set back from the road...

 The road had to be built up and made firm as we had a deluge of rain a few years ago that flooded these houses along here...

In the distance is the Port Augusta Racecourse. 
 Regular meetings are held at this track...

This is my friends place...they added a bedroom upstairs a few years ago when they found out they were expecting a surprise baby, and needed more room J

We are greeted most mornings by the dogs in this yard...
Not sure how friendly they are, they bark with their tails are wagging J
Sometimes the gates are open but they don't seem to come out on the road...

The racecourse 
 back onto the bitumen road...

A few houses along here...

Looking down toward our place, we are situated near the bend in the road...

 Looking back from our driveway.  We passed a horse, but I wasn't quite quick enough to grab a picture J

And there you have it.  My little exercise stint...

Do you exercise to keep fit?  Do you walk or run? Or maybe you use a gym?  
Gyms aren't for me, I don't feel comfortable having others around watching me J



  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures, it lets me see your part of the world here in New York and I love it. Your dirt roads are great. We also walk but the roads are black top paved.

  2. Im exhausted! That was such a long walk with you. Can we sit down for a cuppa now?

  3. Thanks for the tour it gives more of an idea of what the land looks like. It seems very dry that must be a real challenge. It is hard to find a flat place where we live but we don't flood. You probably have a great night sky.

  4. Lately I have ridden my 3km but will start the walking again soon though your walk is much more interesting than mine. And having someone to do it with...that would be nice...I like how you have shown us a bit of your area.


  5. I'm always impressed with how far you can see around your place. Unless I go up slope a bit to where the trees don't block the view, I can only see a few yards off the road because of the woods here.

    I do walk a bit, mostly down the mountain to the mail box. It's getting harder to get back up, though.

    Great pictures. I looked at them for a long time and thought it would be nice to live there where it's so open.

  6. When I live near a park a few years ago I walked every morning, now the park is far from my house and the neighbourhood isn´t so safe as to walk leisurely, so I have a bike as in a gym and I exercessize every day. I love your place.
    One day I´ll go to Australia, I¨ll love to visit your country.
    Now you let me see a part of it by sharing your pics.

  7. Goodness me, Tania how far do you walk? It makes me want to put my pedometer and get moving again as I have been a bit slack the past few weeks.

    I am heading to the Outback next week to see my girls and it is 38 degrees there and dry as a bone as they haven't had good rain for a couple of years. I won't be going on too many walks in that heat though :-)

  8. Oh that was lovely to go for a walk with you! I have started to walk for a half hour in the moring, just around the school parking lot - it is only just getting light, but I do like to start the day off that way. After work my hubby and I head off to one of the nearby beaches and walk.

  9. I don't exercise enough , you made me think about doing some.
    I really enjoyed seeing this tour though because I always think 'I wonder what it looks like out there' when I am reading your blog. It wasn't until we went to the Northern Territory this year that I realised how very , very different the landscape is compared to the rest of Australia.
    Just loved seeing the different colours in the landscape and the plants. What was the scrubby looking bush I could see in the photos?

  10. I am still waiting for a little warmer weather to start my morning walks. The last week or so, its rained most mornings at 6.30 so that stops me. We have a little man made lake area (former old quarry) that is alive with bird life. Someone told me it is lovely to go for a walk out there, only takes about 15 minutes to do the circuit. First opportunity I get, I will walk it and take pictures. Keep up the good work,

    Cheers - Joolz

  11. Not sure which scrubby looking plant you are referring to Kim. Mostly there are salt-bush growing here with a mix of wattles and eremophila type plants...desert dwellers lol!


  12. I enjoyed going on your walk. You must get up early in summer to go for your walk to beat the heat. Swallowing flies...YUk, I hate doing that.
    Anne xx

  13. Yes Harry, we are fine here. Thanks for asking, hope you are doing okay over your way too.

    We are just very busy at the moment. It takes me so long to do a blog post with our dodgy internet connection. Will be doing an update very soon though. I think I will make my posts shorter so I can update more often :)

    Hotting up here tomorrow with 102.2F!


  14. Oh that is too funny. I am sure it was the thought of swallowing the fly. Did that once myself. Gross!!!
    blessings, jill

  15. What a long dry and dusty road! I prefer to swim, my knees don't do long walks/runs right now. Good on you for getting fitter!


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