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Friday, May 23, 2014

Getting Hitched - Part Two

We never paid a fancy photographer for our photos.

Instead we asked a few of our guests to take them.

I think they turned out well.

After the ceremony, we enjoyed champagne and cupcakes with a few other nibblies.

Then it was onto the family photos, 
here are just a few J

 This one was taken from the first level of the water tower...

 Then we made the climb to the second floor...

And down again,
not easy in high heels J

All of our family members.

With my dear Dad.

 The pic below was taken by our grandson.  He is ten years old, and we gave him a camera and were really surprised at the great photos he snapped. I think we may have a up and coming photographer in the family.

After taking photos at the Water Tower, 
we went to another lookout in the Arid Lands Botanical Garden.

 With Redbanks and the Railway Bridge in the background.

 Mount Brown behind us...

With our driver, my Dad J

One of my favorite pics

Next was down at the local wharf. 

The water was calm but because it was overcast the darkness was closing in sooner than we anticipated.

I love this one with my Dad in the background.

And finally the wedding cake.

Hubby chose the topper, and it caused quite a stir at the reception lol!

Well that's it for the wedding pics, I wont bore you with anymore lol.

Now I can get back to everyday living without the distraction of twenty four hour thinking about a wedding.



  1. Oh Tania so lovely. It's great to see simple living in action even with the big events in life.

  2. A simple elegant, fun, family oriented, loving, happy, smiley day! Wishing you both many more happy years ahead!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  3. Thank you for sharing your special day with us. Best wishes as always.

  4. Congratulations!!!! Enjoy the future!

  5. Some of those photos look like they were taken by a professional. What a nice collection you have to look through. The blue theme was so very pretty, Tania.

  6. You could never bore me with wedding pics and yours are so special... Beautiful gown of Blue... Thankyou for sharing your "Day"....Hugs pat :))

  7. Beautiful photos Tania. I thought you were married? I guess I am confused a bit.
    Congratulations on getting married!!
    xo Kris

  8. What a beautiful, beautiful wedding. The photos are lovely and give us an excellent idea how wonderful the day was. Love the cake topper.
    Anne xx

  9. Tania, you looked beautiful! What lovely photos! Thanks for sharing your happiness!

  10. I meant to come by sooner and congratulate you both on your wedding day, fantastic photos and you looked lovely Tania, hubby wasn't half bad either xx


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