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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Snippets of June

June has come and gone for another year. 
Time is passing by very quickly...I thought it was suppose to slow down as you get older J

Anyway I have been snapping away with the camera, so here are some mixed, not in any order pics from the month of June...

Lovely calm days with gorgeous sunsets...

Some flowers for me, from hubby, just because...
Sunflowers are a favourite of mine J

 Afternoon shadows that catch my eye...

Noisy visitors dropped in...

Australian natives are in flower.

The bees are delighted and busy J 

Unusual patterns...

 More pretty flowers...

There are plenty of Quandongs on the trees,
we have to be patient with these as they only fruit every second year...

 Made my first pumpkin pie for dessert from our home grown pumpkins J

This is such a tasty pie.


Homemade crumpets, 
they take a bit of time to prepare, but so worth it J

Homemade mini pizzas,
using one cup SR flour, one cup Greek yogurt for the base.

Sunrises are spectacular as usual...

I love a good bargain, 
and we were lucky enough to find $238.82 worth of meat on special for just $134.41. I divided this into thirty three standard size meals and of course there will be leftovers.

 We have a couple of young bunnies living in our yard, and they have left their calling card. So far I have not been able to snap a photo of them, they are way too quick to run away...

We had some rain.
A nice big downpour...

The tanks are full!

I dropped by the op shop, and was pleased to find a single vintage sheet with the pillowcase and two other vintage pillowcases and a pretty tablecloth. Also found an old cookbook with lots of naughty recipes!

I finally finished another crochet blanket...

The shed has been started, we have one post in lol!

I feel like I am playing catch up this year on my blog, hopefully I can get back on track.  Having slow internet is a pain as it takes so long to download photos.

Take care where ever you are,



  1. Lots of good photos, you have been busy with the camera. Glad you got the rain, all set for another winter!

  2. What beautiful photos, love all the flowers. And yay for rain!

  3. What a great collection of "snippets" Tania.

  4. You have been busy, haven't you? You know you could sell your photos of the sunset and sunrise, they are so perfect. Those make ours here look pale and colorless.

    Nice pictures of bees, I'm going to tell a friend of mine who is a bee keeper to check them out.

  5. Lovely photos, Tania. That is great that you have had some rain. It is very dry here and the word is that we are heading back into drought. So what else is new.

    I had never thought of making crumpets. I don't think I have eaten a crumpet for years and years.

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  7. Joolz I accidentally deleted your comment so I am pasting it here from my inbox :)

    You've captured the Aussie outback perfectly, Tania. Wildflowers, flowering trees and those cockies.
    I am yet to make a pumpkin pie but each halloween I drool over the American ones I see on blogs. I have tried making crumpets once but need to try again. They were yummy but not quite perfect.
    Which recipe do you use? I have one from Rhonda's DTE.

    Enjoy the calm, cool, damp weather while you have it. Its been very cold down here but I love it much better than being hot! And all that meat, what a bargain, gotta be happy with that!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  8. CRUMPET RECIPE found here:


  9. Gorgeous photos Tania. I did not know it was possible to make crumpets! Will certainly give those a go...and the pumpkin pie :)

  10. I always love looking at your photos, Tania. I can smell that delicious looking pumpkin pie all the way here in northern Wisconsin! Your grannie square blanket is lovely -- finished just in time for your winter. :)


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