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Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm a sucker for old furniture

Recently on a local facebook buy, swap and sell page these items were advertised.  The owners were moving into a new modern house and the furniture wasn't going to suit. Lucky for me I was on facebook at the time of advertising and picked these lovely old pieces up for a good price.

Brown marble top washstand for $20
The marble is broken but hopefully it can be repaired with some granite glue.   We purchased this to restore for our daughter.  She owns a quaint little cottage in the Flinder's Ranges, and this will be perfect for it.

A settlers chair for $40, this is also for our daughter.  Not much restoring to do with this beauty.

And my most favourite of all. 
A leadlight cupboard for $150

 I can't wait to get this one back to its former glory.  I think it may have been originally painted with the green and cream of that era, but I am debating whether to do that or take all the paint off to reveal the beautiful wood.  Probably will do the latter...

The leadlight glass is in perfect order, not loose at all.
This cupboard is a keeper for me J

This cute dresser was $20, I think it will be such a nice piece with all that paint removed.
I don't know where I am going to put this furniture as my house is already full of old pieces, but I will figure that problem out later J

 And the person that was selling asked if we would like this old fan.  It needs a bit of work, but having an apprentice electrician in the family this shouldn't be a problem.  There are a few bare wires showing.

Are you a sucker for old wares or do you prefer the modern alternative?



  1. Oh I am a sucker for old pieces that have a tale to tell. A lil shabby but still very chic. Great finds!

  2. Great find, im loving every piece. Makes you wonder sometimes why someone would have painted them when they would have been beauties in their original wood stain. Great bargain and im jealous jealous jealous though my husband would probably be relieved. LOL

  3. They are a lot different from what is around here in that time period, it looks nice, I like the style.

  4. I really like the old furniture. our house is a hodgepodge of mismatched furniture that just felt right for the house.

  5. I'm definitely a sucker for the vintage and old.
    Terrific finds, I know you and your family will love them.

  6. Wow!! Love that kitchen dresser. Even the handles are wonderful. And original hinges. Have lots of fun with these pieces.

  7. That furniture brings back memories of when I was growing up. I love it al. Nothing matches in our house as hubby bought all the furniture at garage sales! That's what you do when money is scarce and you have just bought a house. It is a different story these days though.

  8. Old! Old! Old!

    It has more character, more visible history and more depth to it than that which a tin of paint provides.

    Love the stained glass detail :)

  9. Bigtime sucker for the character found in old wares!

  10. Old has character, I spotted a rather nice Art deco dressing table today for the spare room when I decorate it, but didn't have spare cash to buy it today! It'll be gone by then :( Like the dresser very much.

  11. I love old furniture but struggle now we've moved into a modern house as it doesn't always suit.

    I love your pieces, they sure loved colour didn't they lol x

  12. Wow, you certainly scored with these pieces. I much prefer old pieces of furniture with character. They are usually much better made than modern pieces. Enjoy the restoration work ahead. :)
    Anne xx

  13. Tania, a great deal and what a lovely leadlight cupboard!
    Please do share the ensuing results,
    All the best,

  14. I love the furniture, just stunning. I made my own chalk paint today and have painted some secondhand furniture we bought recently.

  15. hello tania,
    great find!!! love the kitchen dresser.
    wish you a wonderful weekend,
    hugs regina

  16. Wow, what fantastic buys! I can't wait to see what you do with them!!!
    xo Kris

  17. Wow what treasures! Very cool find! Great thrifting!

  18. wow Tania they were all great bargains, i had a dressing table like that when i was young except mine was not painted. you can always find room for a great piece of furniture. love to see them when your finished doing them up.

  19. I love the retro fan, so very Art Deco style. Also the dresser with lead light reminds me somewhat of one my late mother in law had.

    Remember to post photos once you have restored it.... Howard's products have some great wood restorer if you go down to the bare wood. I gave some furniture of my mother some loving care with their products and am very glad for the memory it provides.

    Love that I came across your blog of real Australiana.
    Am writing here are we visit sister in laws place in country SA, Moorlands.

    Alexa from Sydney, Australia

  20. Wow! You got some beautiful pieces. Lovely. :-)
    About that leadlight cupboard - if you think it was painted before you might want to do some test spots in several locations before you start to strip the paint off the entire piece. I say this because my dad once restored an antique painted piano, and as it turned out, because it was actually painted from the factory they had not used matching wood to construct it. After all his work, he ended up painting it again because it was so mismatched! Just a word of caution so you can check before hand. :-)

  21. Hi Tania. First time I've come over to check your blog out. I don't like the new modern furniture with " clean lines ". So boring. I do like the old fashion type but we buy new.

  22. I do love vintage and old :) It looks like you found some fabulous furniture pieces - what fun!

    Hugs to you!

  23. I am a sucker for old wares, too! Your idea of taking the leadlight cupboard down to the wood is a good one. Glass work like that complements wood that "breathes and talks" with its grain showing beautifully.


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