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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Around Here

We are picking lemons, oranges and mandarins.  So far I have weighed over 150kgs (330lbs) of mandies from our tree. Wow!
There are still heaps to pick yet.

A look at my sad garden.  I have neglected this area during Winter and the weeds have just about taken over.

Now that Spring has arrived I have been busy   tidying up out here.

Nom, nom, a big yummy strawberry for me!

To show you the difference between growing garlic in a wicking bed and a bath that is not wicking.

Wicking is doing well.
The bath, not so well.

I am having trouble finding more barrels to make into wicking beds so we may have to look at using something else.

Spring onions still in abundance.

The Rhubarb is loving the Spring warmth.
I need to separate this and move to a different location as the garden bed is getting pulled up.

Kale in the wicking barrel!
I am so pleased.

 I am still picking the odd tomato.  They are not the best, but I did manage to grow them right through our cold winter. I covered them over when the frosts were due.

The capsicums survived winter too and need cutting back, but as I am taking out the garden beds I think I am going to buy some fresh seedlings to plant elsewhere.

Our Quandong tree (native peach)that hangs over the garden. 
I am picking a large ice-cream container full each day from this tree. Sadly I have discovered white ants (termites)in some of its branches so I guess it will die very soon.

Slice and rinse,

and cook up for desserts.
I place two cup fulls in zip lock bags and freeze for later.

This is my newest idea to grow food.
Hubby had left over guttering from the shed so I have claimed it to plant some lettuces, baby spinach etc.  This will be placed in the shaded area outside. I have to drill some holes for drainage yet and add some compost.

I brought some fig cuttings home from our old farm.
I have trimmed them, dipped in hormone powder and placed in pots with some of my compost.

I have covered them to help with the process.
Fingers crossed that this works.

Meet the new kid on the block.

This is Kylie. 
She is named after the person who rescued her from the side of the highway.

I took care of this gorgeous girl for two days last week. I got to spend time outside pulling weeds while Kylie had fun doing what goats do best. Where ever I went, she followed.  I felt like Mary and her lamb lol!

Oh so cute, but mischievous!

Some Pink Galah's dropped in recently.
We call them Cocky's.

Beautiful blues skies of spring.

Its show season again...

Here is my grandson with his pony Miracle at the Quorn show. This pony was dragged out the paddock at the last minute to compete in the show.

He will need a bigger horse soon as he is growing so tall.

Competing in one of the events.

 He had a successful day by collecting five firsts, six seconds, three thirds, one reserve champion, and two champion ribbons.

Now this is my kind of horse! 
 Beautiful boy.

These models were on display at the show.

There are some clever people out there.

We have had some rain over the last couple of days. This means that I can go outside and pull some more weeds while the soil is moist. They come out so much easier when the ground is wet.

My simple life has been featured on gdonna's blog.  I found this blog back in July and love it. Take a look around while you are there, I am sure you will be pretty impressed like I was.  Donna shares posts like this one

Until next time take care,


  1. Tania, I found a blue barrel down the back but hubby wants to use it. He said they cost about $15. That kale is growing amazingly well isn't it? I wish I liked it better.

    1. I am hoping to find some more blue barrels Nanna Chel. Hubby has found another for me to use. Why when I want some, there aren't any available? lol

      Kale for green smoothies Nanna Chel. No sugar in them. I can give the recipe if you want.


  2. It seems to be a great year for citrus by all accounts - you have had a bumper crop too by the looks. Kylie looks gorgeous. Naw.

    1. Yes Phil a great year indeed. I have had so much citrus this year, I have been giving it away left right and centre! All baby goats are gorgeous and trouble with a capital T!


  3. Got to love a country show. Very impressive list of ribbons your grandson has. I really must get into wicking.

    1. My grandson was very pleased with himself. It was a small country show, so not many competitors. All the better for him to get experience.


  4. Your fascinating life-- so different from my own-- has me pining for Australia spring, farming, my aprons, goat kids, county fairs that I've missed for at least two decades, weeding the garden, and of course, the Pacific Region, my "home town." AND THE COCKIES.... Oh, I've never seen the likes!

    And thanks x 18 for finding and introducing me to Grandma Donna's blog, gDonna. I've enjoyed it so. She takes us back in time, hm?

    Letters Unfolded (almost done!)

    1. Glad to hear you are enjoying GDonna's blog Kelley. It is like stepping back in time. I really would like to try living that way for a time to see what it was like.


  5. You've accomplished so much, and with a four-legged shadow too! Very cute :) I love reading about what you do in your garden, I think if you can do it on the edge of the desert, there's no reason I can't have a productive garden here with our slightly kinder climate.

    Congratulations to your Grandson, what a swag of ribbons for the mantlepiece.

    Our little citrus trees are fruiting, but not nearly as well as yours Tania, I've still been buying oranges (but at 5c/kg I couldn't resist).

    I've put herbs in the guttering this year. Up until now I've had the strawberries in them, they grow really well in gutters.

    Hopefully the spring will be mild so your garden gets a chance to establish before the summer heat waves hit. I'm hoping for a mild, slightly wet spring here, our rain barrels need topping up before summer.

    1. Hmm I might try strawberries in the guttering too. Should be enough room I think. Herbs would be good too!

      I cant believe the price you are paying for oranges Cath, such a great bargain.


  6. Dear Tania, this was so nice to read, like a visit. Your Mandarin tree is some kind of record breaker! And your Kale looks so healthy.
    I wonder how Kylie came to be on the roadside? I am glad she was rescued. Little goats are a lot like a dog in they just want to hang around with you!
    Well done to your Grandson!
    I am enjoying being at he farm and just replied to you and now I see you did in fact get the rain I was hoping you did. What a help!
    I love how you make the most of all the produce. With love, Annabel.xxx

    1. Thank you Annabel.

      So glad to hear your are enjoying your time at the farm. Rest up while you can xxx

  7. I loved taking a walk in your veg garden Tania, i cant believe how much fruit your getting from your trees, must be just the right touch of love lol Im on the lookout for some guttering as well for strawberries, oh and lettuce :), Hubby doesnt know it yet but he'll be making me some small boxes to fit into a ladder that i'll be using for herbs to.
    Kylie is so adorable and congrats to your grandson on his collection of medals !!! Very Nice :)

    1. Thank you Karen.

      I asked my hubby if he had some spare guttering (thinking small bits here) and this huge piece is what I got! He offered to cut it for me, but I don't think I will bother.


  8. As always, your place looks so inviting. The colorful birds in the trees reminded me of Florida.

    My daughter is a horse lover. She still has one, even though she lives in a city. Looks like it runs in your family too.

    1. Oh yes Harry, horses in our family go way back in the generations. I know how to ride and would dearly love a horse. No excuses really except hubby doesn't like them. He says they are a money bucket as is any hobby lol :)


  9. Tania, the horses are beautiful! Will you share this post at Five Star Frugal this week? I'd love to have you. Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Sure will Mimi, thank you for the invite :)


  10. Tania, Your fruits and veggies are looking delicious. I love rhubarb, but mine didn't do well this year.

  11. Loved the look at your garden. We are still cold and rainy here - spring comes in slowly in our colder area! Amazing that you already have a strawberry - months to go for me yet!
    Congrats on the show - fantastic result. I love draught horses too - I would so love a team of horses.

    1. Me too Jayne I love the Clydies, and it is my dream to own one day.



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