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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weekly Catchup - The Heat has arrived!

 As I mentioned in my last post, we went to the agricultural show at Kimba last Saturday. Here are a few pics from the day. 

It was very warm and I got sunburned.  I was not happy about that, but it was my own fault.  I had a wide brimmed hat on, but it wasn't enough. 

Here is our grandson riding in an event. He did well again, with eight firsts, three seconds, three thirds and Champion ridden riding pony.

These old cars were on display. The two in the middle belong to my dad.

My dad instructing hubby on how to drive this old T Model car.  

The kids were having great fun with these...

We watched the shearing competition, lots of hard yakka going on here.

Sitting down to lunch under the big top tent.

Mum bought me some of these seeds, the proceeds go to the Royal Flying Doctors. 
I am curious about the cucumber seeds, I have not seen them before.

Then on Sunday we got out of bed early and went to an auction at Murraytown.
This was the lovely wheat crop right where we pulled up.

 Hurry, hurry lets get a ticket...

I love days like this.  We used to go to auctions and garage sales regularly, we really must start doing this again as it is so much fun.  Once again it was quite warm, but I wore sunscreen this time J
We came home with a few things. 

 Five dollars for this egg basket.

 Hubby bought this old bread tin for twenty two dollars.  
I have wanted one of these forever but they are so expensive in the antique shops.  I couldn't believe we got it so cheap...

These old books were inside the bread tin. Hubby has claimed them J

A kerosene iron with its original box...five bucks!!

Here is the old Tilley iron.
 I will be fine if the world goes belly up now I have this! 
Better make sure I have kero on hand lol!

And we got some more blue barrels. This is the reason we went to the auction. 

As soon as we arrived home, hubby set to work to cut them in half.

 All cut, washed and airing out.

I picked up a Moccona coffee jar at an op shop on the way home. Fifty cents! It is a nice big one too.  The old bottle was a bonus in the box with the old iron. 

Around home...

Another woe for hubby...He had a water leak to fix.  The second one this year.

In the garden progress is slow...but we are getting there.

 I am a tad excited about this little nectarine tree that came up among the strawberries.

 Still plenty of flowers on the strawberry plants.

The rhubarb has taken off.  I was hoping to separate it this season, but that hasn't happened yet.  It will probably get too late by the time I get a bed ready.

The Heat is here! 
37C today, 
38C tomorrow 
37C Monday  
36C Tuesday.  
Hopefully there is a cool change for a few days after that. There is no rain in sight!

This morning I went out into the garden and watered and mulched everything.

I planted capsicums in three barrels.  I ended up with eleven plants in one punnet! Guess I will have an abundance of these this year.

 The silver beet is growing well now.

 I spied a cute lady bug.  I like to see these in the garden as they eat aphids and such...good bugs J

 I picked some of my baby spinach and lettuce to include for our tea/dinner last night.

I enjoyed it with homemade vegan veggie patties and homemade tomato relish, yum, yum!

 I have this little glass container full of pretty shells from when my girls were little.  It was sitting in a cupboard never to be seen, so I had an idea to make use of the shells and display them. I will now use this container for a tiny succulent garden.

 My new table decoration.

I decorated this little jar and added potpourri. It smells very pretty in our bathroom. 

I have been busy Spring cleaning my house for most of the week and I will continue on with the task until it is all done.  It could take a while as I have gotten so far behind with things. 

Well that was my week.  It flew by in the blink of an eye. 

What about you? What fun things did you get up to?

Take care dear friends,


  1. Yes, the summer heat has arrived here too... and it's not summer! Great buys at the clearing sale. It is amazing what you find at those type of days.

    1. We reached 40C for two days which is above average for this time of year. Yes I was is awe at some of the things at the auction. Sadly I couldn't bring it all home lol!


  2. I've had the spring cleaning urge too Tania. It's hot here too. Went from pleasant low 20s a couple of weeks ago straight to the 30s this week. I'm not a fan. At the moment though the garden is loving it.
    Great finds at the sales.

    1. Its cooler here at the moment Tracy, but warming up again after today. My garden survived the 40C temperatures thank goodness :)


  3. Dear Tania,
    It was hot and windy here yesterday and I didnt think much of it!
    So far today much better...
    I love all you did! Especially the bread bin! Also happy that you got the barrels you needed.
    It was a huge week! I used to go to a lot of sales too but not so many these days. Clearing sales used to be a social even practically!
    Have a good week, I hope its not too hot. With love, Annabel.xxxx

    1. Dear Annabel,

      The trouble is when you go to garage sales etc you always buy something, and I am trying to get rid of stuff lol!

      Better weather at the moment but warming up tomorrow :)


  4. You go to a lot of entertaining events. Now that my wife is retiring, we can get out more and so some of that.

    I enjoyed the picture of the horse events. My daughter has always loved horses. She has on at a stable in the city she lives in now, so she can still ride.

    1. Never a dull moment here Harry! There is always something to do or go to :)

      Hope you can do more travelling when your wife retires. You are welcome to visit us in your travels...plenty of lizards and wildlife where we live :)


    2. I have been keeping up with Australian flora and fauna through you and an Australian buddy , and I really envy you all living there. Did I ever tell you I tried to move to Australia in the early 1990's but they said I could come visit but not stay there to live?

  5. Wow, wow, wow - what a haul. That Tilley iron is fabulous...envious about the bread tin too. I have a new replica one but not half as good a quality as the real deal.

    1. I am very well pleased with the bread tin Phil. It is huge and I was battling to find a spot to put it lol!


  6. Oh I love your finds at the auction; particularly the bread bin.
    So hot here today; but not unbearable and not nearly as hot as your neck of the woods.

    1. I guess we have to expect the hot weather. It wasn't that long ago that the cold was here...It is a lot cooler now but warming up again after today. The garden is loving it so that's a good thing.

      Thank you for dropping by,


  7. Love the bread bin to Tania, You scored very well this week. Your grandson does an amazing job with his horse events. Well done to him. It 31c in Melbourne but about 28c here so its really lovely. Have a great week Tania xoxo

    1. My grandson does do a great job with his pony. She is a show horse so I think that is half the battle won. She knows exactly what to do. He is getting too big for his current pony and will need a bigger one next year.


  8. Hello Tania,

    Congratulations to your grandson for doing so well in his riding events! Since our younger children also compete with their horses, I know how much time and work your grandson has to put in to place so very well.

    As your temperatures are rapidly heating up, ours are quickly cooling down. We awoke to 37 F (about 3c) yesterday morning. Within 6-8 weeks our high temps will be down to -20 F (about -29c). Needless to say, I am busy getting all ready before the snow and our long freeze arrives.

    I love finding treasures at sales, you and hubby were blessed with ones you found.
    This winter when I'm hibernating inside next to the fire, I will look forward to reading your gardening posts.


    1. Brrr Mrs B, I couldn't live in that cold! Here I am complaining about our cold weather through winter, and it very rarely goes below zero! I cant imagine what preparations you would have to do for your winter..wow!

      Thank you for visiting :)


  9. Hi Tania, I'm slow on my reading this week and I'm a little envious of your day out ! You've had a very busy week. Did the wicking beds cope with the sudden heat?

    I love your bread bin and your iron - what great finds. And to think that not that long ago my Mum had a bread bin similar to that and it became unfashionable and she tossed it out! I'd love to have it today.

    Hope the weather has cooled a little for you and enjoy the rest of your week.
    I'll have to remember that you have the kero iron so when the world goes crazy and the power is out I can drag my ironing over to your place - might take me a couple of months to get there, but I thought I'd give you a heads up now, just in case :)


  10. Yes Cath the wicking beds worked great! I watered them the day before the heat and haven't watered since. It has been six days since then. The veggies weren't damaged at all from the wind or heat, even with two days of 40C. I do put shade over them though which helps immensely.

    I know my mum and grandmother threw things out that I would have liked too. Its a crying shame. I love vintage things...

    The last two days have been cooler but they are warming up again now. It is so dry here, some refreshing rain would be welcomed.

    Lol Cath! You would be most welcome to visit with all your ironing. I'm sure we can work out between us how it works :)



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