Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hot Hot HOT.

Today was 43 degrees Celsius. The past week since Boxing Day has been getting hotter with the temperature soaring and no relief in sight for the moment. The next few days are expected to be in the 40s with tomorrow being 43 again. This weather is not very kind to the vegies we are struggling to grow. We are on water restrictions and can only water the garden for three hours on a Sunday. Not too good in this heat wave!

I didn't do too much today due to the heat, mainly sat around the house trying to keep cool. We have a newly installed pool that was lovely to get in at the end of the day. Since we are on water restrictions we decided to fill the swimming pool with rain water that we collected in our rain water tanks. Luckily we received a nice, healthy downpour soon after the pool was completed. We are now in the process of putting pavers around the swimming pool.

I still have one of my daughter's home for the Christmas break but she has to go back to Adelaide tomorrow to start work on Wednesday. I mentioned that I wanted to start a blog spot, so she helped me set this one up. I look forward to sharing my pictures and daily posts with everybody!

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  1. I have one independent child. He helped me first connect to the internet years ago. It is lovely your daughter helped to set up your lovely blog.


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