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Monday, December 31, 2007


This is Millie.

Millie is our seven year old Border Collie x Blue Heeler.

Millie likes to play ball with anyone who is willing. No matter the weather the moment someone is outside she disappears and then comes back and drops a ball at your feet. Millie can take a brand new tennis ball and have it split in half, cover removed, and soaked in slobber within a matter of hours.

Millie also loves sticks. She'll carry a tree branch and run alongside the back fence making a hell of a racket!

Millie is a wonderful guard dog for our property. She keeps foxes away from our chooks, but apparently not rats away from the wires in my car.

Millie eats anything and everything. She likes Schmakos, chook scraps and eggs.

She doesn't like to be bathed, but if anyone tries to water the garden with the hose she will play in the water until she is sopping wet.

Until recently we had another dog, a tenterfield terrier named Pippy, who was Millie's companion. Unfortunately Pippy passed away the weekend before Christmas. Since then Millie has been sad as she is missing her little friend.

The top picture was taken this afternoon, and the second on 22/12/2007, her last photo with Pippy.

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  1. Hi Tania...just thought that I would come by to visit your "little space"... and to thank you for your welcome to me on the Down to Earth forum. I am new to forums ... so it may take me a while to feel comfortable with sharing on the forum. I too wanted to mention that our son and "daughter" have a Blue Heeler and he too loves to play ball and he has a hugh heavy ball that he so far has not been able to destroy. He loves to come to visit grampy and grammy. Of course he knows where his treats are when comes over. I look forward to browsing your blog. Simple Blessings ♥ Teri


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