Thursday, June 26, 2008

School woes

A family photo taken Christmas day 2006. L-R Son in Law Jarrad holding grandson Blake, Third daughter Talia, Middle daughter Kyla, me (Tania), eldest daughter Sarah and Jack in the front.

This year has been a shocker as far as school for my youngest (son). He has been put into a class that he is not enjoying at all.

Last year he had serious trouble with a bully that was getting physical with him. We were forever ringing the school and trying to sort out the situation, but in the end I refused to send Jack to school until something was done. The education department got involved and then things got better.

That was until this year when Jack was hoping to get into his favourite teachers class, but sadly this didn't happen as the bully was put in there. This particular teacher loves athletics and sport as does my son. He takes his class out for physical education every day sometimes twice a day.

The teacher Jack has this year doesn't like sport or believe it is important. We had our parent teacher interview last night and she told us that sport was a privilege and not part of her cirriculum. We couldn't convince her otherwise. We have rang the principal this morning and he is going to have a chat with her about it. She said Jack was a very intelligent child and will go a long way if he applies himself.

This may seem trivial but it is very important to Jack. His behaviour has gone downhill and his personality is changing for the worst. He has become rebellious and backchatting something awful. He has always been a well mannered child but the teacher has complained that he is rude and disruptive to the rest of the class. This child is usually a shy, quiet child. This year has changed that. He is also giving the relief teachers a headache. He seems so angry and frustrated.

I admit it could be the age (he is 12)and maybe the other infuences at school. Maybe he is just becoming rebellious fullstop. I am going to have to figure out a way to deal with this. I would love to homeschool but husband won't agree to it.

Next year we have Jack enrolled at the local private school so hopefully things will improve.

We have tried to explain to him that in life he will come across people in authority that he will not like or agree with, but he still has to respect their position, it is the same now with his teacher and he still needs to respect her.

Wishing a great day to all,

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  1. Hi Tania. How lovely to see your family photo. I had the same bad day yesterday myself. There was a glitch in VCE pass and what VTAC will take, and it wasn't pointed out to us earlier. I am happy our son took it seriously though.

    I think the principal will help with the sport in talking to the teacher. At least to my mind education always included sport. With my son I felt that some teachers must have been talked to, though I will never know of course.


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