Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend happenings

The weather was dry and blustery outside so inside was the best place to be. Mind you the washing dried really well in the wind. I think winter has passed us by as it is real spring weather here in our neck of the woods. No rain in sight. Once again South Australia has recorded below average rain fall so far this year which is worrying especially for the farmers, who are in desperate need of a good year. The top soil continues to blow away every windy day cutting the new growth off before it has established itself.

This is what I was doing this weekend:

Making felt board activities for the daycare children. Although I am not caring for any dear children at the moment as I am on a break, I thought it was a good opportunity while I did have time to prepare things for when I do start up again. I am still catching up on the bookwork in preparation for tax time.

10 green bottles standing on the wall,
5 little ducks went out one day,
Down in the meadow, in a iddy biddy pool, lived 3 little fishies and a mumma fishie too!

We have oranges!! First crop on our tree. We planted this tree some years ago but our dog chasing something broke some of it off. There are five oranges and we have sampled one. They taste so much better than the bought ones.
Our mandarine tree is heavy with fruit and they are nearly ready to be picked. My daughter has put an order in for a mandarine cheesecake, she tried one while over in England.

I will be having a break from blogging this week as we are travelling west to have a look at some whales. Will be back soon with some photos, hopely of the whales. We actually had some whales visit our gulf last week but I missed them.
Have a great week,

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  1. Beautiful, I can appreciate those songs.

    Today it started raining and we were worried about a blackout so had an early tea. The rain seems to be gone again now. Actually it was quite windy, maybe it made its way over here a little later.

    We haven't had an orange tree for about 8 years, was hoping to plant some this winter.

    Good luck with the whales.


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