Monday, July 7, 2008

Whales and the Great Australian Bight

After travelling nearly 2000km in four days we have arrived home safely. Luckily the weather was beautiful while we were away because it is now freezing. Today's temperature is 14 degrees Celcuis. We had a bit of rain overnight, 13.5mm (54points). Included in this was some hail.

I wish I had a decent camera to take photos of the whales. They looked brilliant in the binoculars, but my camera couldn't zoom in good enough to capture perfect photos. I have put my order in for a new camera for Christmas.

On the day we were at Nullarbor there were over a dozen whales on display, including a couple of calves with their mothers. We didn't see many tails and they were so hard to capture as it happened in a split second.
Below is a spout of water from one of the whales.

The whales were a distance away. To get the best pictures you would have to watch them all day.

Surrounding sandhills at Twin Rocks where some of the whales were. Twin rocks is the rock in the water pictured, although I think one of the two rocks has fallen down now.

The head of the Great Australian Bight...

Absolutely fantastic views.....

Phil and Jack taking in the view.....

Following the whales we drove to Cook on the railway line in the middle of the Nullabor somewhere. Will post some photos of this tomorrow.
Wishing you all a blessed, peaceful day.

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