Friday, July 25, 2008


Nice and crisp here this morning. Not sure what the temperature got down to, I think it was -1 degrees. I got cold through the night and had a restless nights sleep, needless to say I have dug out another heavy blanket for the bed.

These tyres really showed how cold it was...
Ice on one of our zephyr cars.....

Ice on the few weeds we have...


Car windscreen, will need washing or scraping before using.

Today looks to be another nice one with the temperature forecast for 18 degrees Celcius. Trouble is nice days means cold nights. I am going out for a morning walk as I am putting on a bit much weight (clothes are no longer fitting). All that good home cooked food isn't too good for the waistline. I am hoping that the cold will put some spring in my step, that or I will come home with frost bite.
Have a great day where ever you are,


  1. This morning I was topping up the dog water and it had an ice layer. DH said he had already broken the ice for the dog earlier.

    I went out to find Mexican dressups at the op-shop, and later walked to the post office which was good. There was still ice on the ground in places the first time. The plant I noticed this morning were the osmanthus birkwoodii with frost on the top leaves.

  2. frosts are exciting, I can feel that morning by the those photos. Lovin it.


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