Monday, July 14, 2008

Penong and on to Fowlers Bay

Heading west toward the whales is the little agricultural town of Penong, known for it's windmills and nearby popular surfing place Cactus Beach. This is grain and sheep country and the people that live here are so friendly and community minded.

How's this for windmills?? There used to be a lot more when I lived in the district but a lot of them have been pulled down. This is one group of wind mills just on the outskirts of town.

If you are keen on fishing this is the place to go. Fowler's Bay and nearby Scotts Beach is very popular for fishing, you can walk over the sandhills from Fowlers Bay to Scotts Bay, or go by 4 wheel drive if you are not enthused about walking over hills carrying all your fishing gear.

Below is the view of the bay from surrounding sandhills. There were a couple of whales frollicking around here a few days before we got there.
Jack loved running all over the sandhills. He made friends as soon as we arrived with a young boy his age and they found a toboggan type thing that someone had made and left in the sandhills, so they had a bit of fun trying that out. It didn't work very good, no wonder it was left behind.

Soccer ball chasing was another fun thing to do, but not so easy was trying to stop running while going down hill, always did a tumble before reaching the bottom.

This picture is of the small settlement mainly for tourists now. Very busy at school holiday time especially January when they hold a New Years Day sports day.

We tried to catch some fish from the jetty but with no success, I think this area has been fished out by all the holiday makers.

As soon as we arrived in Fowler's Bay and were putting our camper trailer up, we had people from all walks of life and all areas of Australia come and chat with us. One man named Lou brought us a feed of fish. He had caught so many that day while out fishing in his boat that he was giving it away to everyone in the caravan park.
That night after having some dinner we were invited to a gathering around a bonfire, where plenty of yarns were told and plenty of wine was consumed to keep warm. Lou also treated us to some performances of the poetry that he writes and told us he has a book of his poems published.
We will certainly visit here again, next time staying longer. I miss all the friendly people from the West Coast.
We are off to Port Lincoln tomorrow for the rest of the week, still school holidays here. Will be back on the weekend to blog.

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  1. Wow those sand dunes are amazing. My cousin and I went over to the west from Melbourne. We up to Monkey mia then down to Port Augusta. we might have stopped off at Port Lincoln. The ocean is outstanding over your end of Great Aus. I was completely mesmorized by it. It showed me another dimension of God.


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