Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nature's Beauty

Mother Nature surrounds us all but sometimes we need to look a little harder to find her beauty.

Come through the gate out to the back

Wheel from yesteryear

The beauty of it all...... surviving in the dry soil

Some daisies

Red Flowering Saltbush

Green/Yellow Flowering Saltbush

Some quandongs, not quite ready

Quandong on the turn

Yellow pigface (as I know it)

Purple pigface

Flowering Native

Pink flowering emu bush

I am not sure of the Botanical Names for these plants and my photography certainly needs some improvement. It would appear that I get too close. I look forward to getting a new camera soon.

Have a truly wonderful day,



  1. Thanks for showing your quandong tree. It looks pretty.

    The one I saw was in the middle of nowhere and I was afraid the red looked out of place. Can you eat them straight off the tree or do you have to stew them at least?

  2. Hi Linda,

    You can eat the quandongs straight off the tree, or they can be stewed with lots of sugar to sweeten them. I think it is an aquired taste, they are a bit bitter when you first taste them. Stewed they are similar to rhubarb. I make them into pies using a basic scone mixture for the pastry. Yummy with cream and or icecream.


  3. Hi Tania; I have just read all your posts. It was very interesting reading about your family. I have met your grand parents and your parents in "cyberspace" what would they say to this? Hardworking lovely people who gave you a loving childhood. The most important in life! You also gave me a glimpse of a completely different area in Australia. I have never been to South Australia. The Ancestors of my son in law settled in S.A. about at the same time as yours. Thanks for that post it is great.

  4. Those pictures are lovely. Amazing to see the one flower grow in the baked soil. Loved the corrugated iron fence and the gorgeous dog.

  5. Love your photos, thankyou for sharing, love nature. I especially love the blue flower.


I love reading your comments! Through them, I have learnt that there are some truly lovely people out there. Thank you :)