Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Look at what my dear sweet friend made for me.
A little friends box...

That opens up to this...

My friend has now returned home and our household is returning to normal again. I have been busy catching up with housework that was neglected while my friend was visiting.

We have sickness in our household at the moment. I thought we were going to be lucky this year and get through without getting sick. Dear husband brought it home from work, so I am now waiting to see if I come down with it.

The weather is beautiful at the moment with lovely sun shiny days and the temperature sitting on around 20 degrees Celcuis.
Jack had district sports day last Friday. This is where all the surrounding schools come together to compete against each other. He was successful winning the 100 metres in 13.43 seconds. He broke the district record and his own personal best record. He came second in the 200 metres, because he got the stitch half way through the race so that slowed him down, normally he would win. His school team also came first in the 4 x 100 relay. The day threatened to rain but it held off long enough to finish all the events.
Have a great day where ever you are.


  1. On Friday our daughter got a second and third. They are very nice ribbons.

    I was hoping my husband wouldn't get what we got. He did, but he wasn't as sick as the rest of us and has just kept going though probably a bit slower.

    It has turned cold again here, but the grass seems to be growing like it is still spring.

  2. What a special gift. What a treasure. She is clever to make something like that. Hope the sickness passes.

  3. Is it warming up in your neck of the woods yet? We have the heater on tonight. It was so cold today but so warm on Monday.

  4. It has been beautiful warm weather the past week or so, lovely outdoor weather, although still dry. I must get busy with my vegie garden while it is so nice. It won't be long and the hot winds will be here. We are still putting the fire on at nights as it is around 4 and 5 degrees overnight.

  5. What a great idea. Love the box. Hope you dont get sick, there is nothing worse..


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