Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home In The Making

This book was published in 1967 and I picked it up at a garage sale some years back.

The front cover is a bit tatty and the inside has been used with writing and script underlined on most pages. Someone obviously has used the instruction to live by at one time.

List of Contents

The colour pages within...

Some information about appliances...

I have included this snippet from the last page. I thought it was interesting in the last paragraph how it says;
"In a world where advertising puts more and more stress on the material things in the world, the trend is for things to be thought more important than people, but this will never make for true happiness. It is only when the people are put before the things in it that a house becomes the place a family is proud to call its home."

Happy housekeeping.

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  1. Those books are so prescious. So timeless, and good to keep. A treat for the mind. that is a great quote. they have a lot of wisdom in them.


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