Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Manuka Honey

I thought I would share with you about Manuka honey.

It has great healing properties for a number of ailments. e.g. colds/flus, ulcers, wounds and infections etc.

I have been having this with my porridge for breakfast instead of sugar for the past 12 months and in that time have not experienced one cold. This past week I have been taking a teaspoon of this regularly throughout the day hoping to keep this dreaded virus at bay. This honey is expensive but well worth the effort. All I am experiencing is cold like symptoms that haven't got any worse thus far.

I shall keep you posted as to whether I get the full blown virus. I am actually feeling a bit better tonight apart from a croaky throat, us women must be made of tough stuff. (I haven't got time to be sick) I still had to find energy to prepare dinner tonight. For more information go here.

My son does not like honey so he won't even try it. Hubby tried the honey while he was sick and he said it was excellent for soothing his throat.

So anyone out there needing some soothing for your throat give this a try. Available at most supermarkets with the regular honey.

Have a good night,



  1. Thanks for sharing the manuka honey, its amazing what is out there. I have never heard of this and it sounds good. I hope your cold stays at bay.

  2. I agree re the Manuka honey. It can halt a bad virus in its path.


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