Monday, September 22, 2008

Automatic vs twin tub

How many people still use a twin tub washing machine? I have gone back to my old favourite because my daughters automatic front loader had seen better days. I had my front loader that is only three years old that I gave to her and went to my parents and picked up my twin tub that had been in storage. I bought the front loader when I was busy with Family Day Care children and time was short.

I have found that automatic machines do not clean as well as twin tubs. Since having mine back in use I find my washing is cleaner and brighter. I use homemade washing liquid that Rhonda Jean uses, plus add a little Jasol lemon cleaner (pictured top) to the water and the clothes smell devine when they are dry. Although only one and a half star rating I find I use less water than an automatic, because I use the one lot of washing water for most of the washing, occasionally I need to change the water but not too often. It also saves time as my washing is all done in an hour depending on how much there is. Admittedly there is only three of us at home now. One front loader cycle took nearly 2 hours so it took me all day to do my washing.

I have started replacing my plastic bowls with glass ones especially when putting leftovers in the fridge. I got this nice little glass set from one of the cheap shops in town and I am going to make some covers for them rather than use clingwrap.

Another dirty windy day today, tried to get a photo of the dirt heading my way. The shade cloth in the picture is where my vegie garden is. No vegies planted yet, although I have dug some plots all ready to go.

We have been told we might get some rain with the wind, lets hope they are right.

Hope you are enjoying better weather than we are.



  1. I loved my twin tub. Mum organised an automatic when I was expecting another baby, probably 14 years ago, not sure which baby lol. We have a larger capacity top loader at the moment, the second one of that style from F&P. I liked the routine of going to the laundry each morning with the twin tub.

  2. I forgot to tell you it is raining a lot here.

  3. Tania, our sky has turned pink etc. I think the dirt has arrived. 3pm.

  4. Linda,

    Our sky has turned grey with a little bit of rain, hope there is more coming. It has settled the dust at least. Now it is freezing outside with a nippy cold wind.


  5. My pics of the dirt are in the link at the bottom of your post. It is amazing! We definitely have the wood heater going.

  6. What a view you have. All on this same island continent. It is pouring rain here today, cold and misty.

    You would have to be relaxed about dirt in the house etc. wouldn't you? Does it bother you or not?

    You live in a beautiful spot.

  7. I try to ignore the dust and dirt. I have lived in dusty places all my life so I am used to it. Just means more work to have a clean house. The other downfall is I can't open my windows very often to let the house air out.

    The dust is gone today and the little bit of rain too. Beautiful sunshine again. Not sure how long it will last.
    The North of South Australia badly needs rain before the end of this month otherwise all the crops are going to die and it will be another drought. Many grain farmers have borrowed money to put the crops in this year so another drought would be devastating for them.

    North of us toward Coober Pedy had heaps of rain yesterday and last night and some of the roads have been closed. No crops up there, just desert.

  8. Hi there Tania,
    so glad you commented on my site because I have had a chance to visit yours.

    Here's hoping some rain develops over the next couple of days.

  9. We grew up with a twin tub, my mother in law still uses one. thats interesting that they clean good. I find front loaders frustrating as if you want to open the door to put in more clothes etc, the door is locked, and then if you get it eventually opened, water spills out everywhere. I love those bowls. they are gorgous. My husband and I have a large maytag. It seems to wash well. You have great ideas.

  10. I bought a twin tub machine after going through so many very expensive machines which never lasted. Top loaders - not always good on clothes. Front loader - Took way too long to wash then became clogged in the pipe and died. Washer dryer combo - my worst and most expensive purchase (the dryer NEVER worked and the machine kept breaking down. Now I am in washing heaven with my twin tub. It is just a simple fill, turn the knob and wash. I do find the spinner could be more compatible in size to wash tub, but it is only a minor hassle. As you said in your review, I reuse the water or reuse the rinse water. They may be a little more labor intensive, but I can get probably 5 loads done in the time it took for my front loader. I have tried every type of washing machine, and will never go back. I love my twin tub.


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