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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pancakes and a stroll around the yard

My son loves these...
(similar to MacDonald's hotcakes)

2 cups SR Flour
2 cups milk
2 eggs
1 tbspn oil
half cup caster sugar
couple drops vanilla essence

Mix altogether and cook as required.

I can't remember where I found this recipe but I would like to thank them as these are now a favourite at my house.

I was out collecting kindling for our fire this afternoon when I came across some toadstools enjoying the cooler wet weather
These ones are not that pretty like some of the photos I have seen recently on other blogs, but fascinating all the same.
The weeds are loving it...
A tree with some lovely yummy figs.
These are the white centred variety...
...knowing that it is Autumn by all the leaves

This poor Sleepy Lizard (Shingleback) is a bit confused with the season. I would have thought he would be in hibernation by now.

The weather although it has been wet and raining on and off for days, it is still not that cold. I heard on the ABC local radio this morning that temperatures in our area and west of us will be experiencing unusually warmer weather than what is typical of this time of year.



  1. Hmm will have to try this and your ANZAC biscuits. My pancakes and ANZAC biscuits don't usually turn out too well.

  2. Hi my new found friend, I seen your blog over at Jan's thought I would stop by to say hello, oh I love those pancakes, and such great photos, I sure will be back, gonna follow you now. Stop by and visit my blog if you get time, lots of hugs Barbara from

  3. Enjoy your pictures of the Outback, especially your autumn. We're closing in on summer here in Oklahoma, a nice change from the snowy winter we experienced. Looking forward to basking in the sunshine and absorbing some of that much needed vitamin D! Love autumn, though, and seeing it through the eyes of an Aussie will be neat.

  4. Great photos, Tania! It's interesting to see how different areas of the country look, isn't it? Several of my trees are turning colours right now, so I think I'll see if I can't get some shots to share. :) I couldn't see the lizard at first, thinking he was just a chunky piece of wood!

    I LOVE pancakes, but for some reason, a couple of hours after eating them, I can't keep my eyes open and just want to nod off. Maybe for dinner, eh? I love having breakfast for dinner every now and again!

  5. My Kids Love Pancakes and yours look so golden!
    We have those little clumps of toadstools too....They do look nice all together.

  6. My son loves pancakes too and bought me a pancake maker that makes big ones like McDonalds. I use the same recipe, we have them quite often:0)
    I have a white fig too but mine finished ages ago...but i love my figs.
    We have had rain here for about a fortnight now just a few mils a day but it saves watering the garden.

  7. Hi Tania,

    It sounds like you all are enjoying the weather now that it is cooling off and raining a little more.

    I've really enjoyed the photos in your recent posts ... especially the spider webs, they are beautiful.


  8. My husband said at lunchtime the temperature was dropping outside and he put some more wood on the fire or something. It is 12 degrees outside at the moment.

    Your photos are beautiful Tania. I used to love looking at my fig tree we had before we moved here. I remembered that the other day. I have a seedling fig, and was wondering if I should keep it.

  9. It seems really cold for me. Today we had the gas heater back on just after lunch because I was so cold.

    We are hoping the weather will be better tomorrow. I am taking the girls over to Whyalla.

  10. Hi Tania!
    Yes its been a warm Autumn for sure.We had rain on Tuesday..14mil.And it started again last night.!15mil so far.We might have a wet winter up here for a change.
    The pancakes look yummo,we never have them ,but I think I might make a batch this weekend.
    Have a good one :0)

  11. We love pancakes, and I especially love them when my sons make them.

    What kind of lizard is that?

  12. Hi tanya,just dropped by after you have been to my site,although after reading your likes on your profile I think we might be sisters lol you love many of the things I love but did not list.I took mum to see Daniel O'Donnell when she was 80,and she has had stars in her eyes eversince,she will be 90 in Dec. I love your blog and have added it to my list.You take great pics,thank you .Carole

  13. This is our new favourite pancake recipe! We had them for breakfast yesterday and they were sooo good. Thankyou for sharing the recipe :o)

  14. Thank you for the link, I have save this one to try, can't wait!!


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