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Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello dear friends,

I would like to share with you some of the things going on in our lives...

The boys after some motorbike fun...

I thought it would be a nice idea to learn to ride a motorbike, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em right?
But on second thoughts I think I might stick to horse riding and get myself a nice docile horse. (Our dog Millie loves to chase wheels or anything that moves, she does not chase cars though).
We went to visit my mum for Mother's day yesterday.
Dad had found some treasures in his travels and kept them for me. Below is a lovely enamel bowl with some Panda bears painted on the bottom. I had an old jug already, given to me by my grandmother some years ago and so now I have a very rustic jug and bowl.

Dad also found this old meat-safe in very good condition except someone has replaced the handle. I will be on the look out for an original handle now, but I am happy with the one on there as it adds character.
The back...
The new cyclamen plant next to the safe was a gift to myself for Mother's day. I have a special present coming soon that I will share with you all when it arrives.
It looks to be the original paintwork.
Now the nights are cooler I have organised myself to do some knitting,
just some more dishcloths, these are easiest for me as I can manage to finish them.
Big knitted projects never seem to get finished by me, I lose interest and start on something else before finishing the other item.
I even tried my hand at a crochet one.
I am hoping to try knitting bed socks next, now I have found a pattern.
A friend gave us an old barbeque that was no longer any use, well the bbq part anyway.
Hubby decided to use up some scrap wood and make it into a utility table, I am pleased with the way it turned out.
Bonfire season is here, we have not got to light this yet as we want to make sure that it is not too dry as we haven't had that much rain. A few fires got away recently due to it still being too dry even though it is no longer fire ban season.
The circus was in town on the weekend. We could see the tent from our back yard.

I hope all you dear mothers had a special Mother's day spent with your loved ones,

Have a great week everybody,



  1. I love your pressies from your dad. I bought a cyclamen for myself too the same as yours and a darker o pink one for my Mum.
    It is so relaxing sitting and knitting of a night now the weather is cooling off.
    Hope you had a good Mothers Day

  2. Hi Tania,
    I use to ride motorbikes,but that was a LONG time ago now,lol...Not sure Milly made learning to ride any easier for you,that would have really put me off.
    I love the treasures your dad found,the bowl is very cute.
    Our weather has cooled,some nights its chilly but mostly around 13-15 degrees.We are suppose to be getting a cold blast late in the week.The days are just magic though.

  3. Lovely enamel bowl, Ma... ;)
    Thought you might have gone to Nanna & Poppa's for M-Day; sounds like you had a good one. The weather was lovely so Shane and I took Bailey and went woodcutting and had a bush BBQ - flies, prickles and all! :)
    Love S. xo

  4. Hi Tania, I love your meat-safe, what are you going to put in it? We make a reproduction of a meat safe in timber and fly screen mesh, but I love the original. I'm the same with knitting, I like the smaller projects as I also get a little distracted.

    Your gift from your Dad is a treasure and your jug looks great in it. Thanks for mentioning your bonfire I had forgotten about how nice it is to burn off the pile of rubbish and have a few friends over for a bite to eat and warmth over the fire


  5. Love your post, glad you are enjoying the gifts. I've bought myself a cyclamen or two in the past, and also gifts for others, they are so spectaular. I mainly knit for charity, I do best at teddy bears.... good luck with your knitting too.
    Blessings - Jan

  6. I have a jug from Nana, and I think a small bowl with fish on it?

    I have ridden a motorbike, it was a long time ago. The gears were always challenging.

    I got the chance to view some couples doing the foxtrot at the deb, very jealous.

    My meat safe is on the front verandah, it was a find as well. I love your table, came out well.

    I would like to ride a horse, I hope you do that Tania.

  7. ooh, the meat safe is gorgeous!

    I have the crochet hook out a lot at the moment, doing some blankets for the kids - granny squares mainly, because I get bored too lol!

    The utility table is pretty snazzy too, I would have snaffled that for the garden ;)

    take care! oxox

  8. Hi Tania,
    What a special find - both in the meatsafe and the barbecue trolley. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

  9. Hi..thanks for your visit and kindness. Amazing how we can connect with people from all over the world! :D

  10. Wow the utility table is excellent. What potential. That is truly well done!


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