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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saving the Pennies...

The money tin was full,
(this is one of the large ones)
About six months ago hubby decided to start dropping every spare and sometimes not spare coins into the money tin.
On Friday it was decided that the time was right to open the tin and start counting...
Hubby's guess as to the amount in there was about $350,
Mine was $320...
All stacked and ready to bag...
Total amount counted
Can you believe it?
We had to count it again....and again!
just to be sure.

We took all the coin to the bank and the teller tallied it at $711.65, so one of us miscounted somewhere....

Does anyone else save money this way?

Give it a try you could well be surprised as we were!



  1. Well done Tania!
    I wish my piggy bank was thst healthy :0)
    My word verification is worsest...
    says it all really,lol

  2. Wow! Have you decided what you will do with it all?


  3. Hi Kate,

    Money has gone into the bank to save for a stump splitter that hubby wants/needs. $900 left to go.


  4. Daniel did this for a while and he had about $300.00 in his tin. I think maybe Steve and I should start doing this.

  5. Yes, my hubby saves his coins, but only to the tune of about $100 before he does something with it. It has come in handy at times when we find ourselves without any cash.
    Have a good week.
    Blessings - Jan

  6. That's fantastic! Those tins are the best because you can't get to the savings. Are you going to spend it or bank it?


  7. Wow! Now you can buy the West Ladies DVD on quilting!

  8. That is great! More than either of you expected and those tins are great as you can't get into them except with a can opener :0)

  9. I've tried this. It didnt work very well because I kept spending it. :(
    ~S. xo

  10. Wow! That's a can of coins!! My husband always empties his pockets into a can, then every so often he gets them out and rolls them to take to the bank. A great way to save money. Me, I use every little penny!


  11. Hi Tania - I don't save money that way. But I'm starting to think I need to!

    Well done! That's a chunk off your mortgage, if you have one. If not, enjoy your labour!

  12. wow, and well done. I collect money like that as well.

    It is also a very painless way to save money in my opinion.

    Gill in Canada

  13. well done! Yes I save in the same way.We have two tins one in the house and one at the office.
    when both are full we will open them up and count them.

  14. Congratulations Tania!

    We actually put our excess money into the bank to start with - we don't use money boxes, as the insurance policy that we have doesn't cover over $100 of cash.

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend,
    Love Jillian ♥

  15. Had to laugh about the money jar because some years ago when I got a job working in a law firm in downtown Chicago, I took a large empty pretzel jar and started putting all the change in it that I accumulated at the end of each week. Seven years later after we moved to our new house, we went to the local bank and I could barely lift the jar. Well, by the time the bank people finished counting the coin I had almost $5,300US. So, I KNOW it pays to put those pennies aside!

  16. That is awesome...hubby saves the change around here and about twice a year counts it..He is quite the saver. It does add up fast though doesn't it? Last year all the change that he saved helped us with Christmas presents..

  17. A few years back I broke down over a 100 kms from home, at the time we had no money apart from what was in my husband's money tin. He was able to hire a car trailer and buy everything he needed to strap the car to the trailer out of what was in the tin. He paid for everything in $2 coins, cost over $100 for the trailer.

    His tin was only partially full, there was almost $400 in it.

    Some people might say that it should be in the bank earning interest but we didn't lose a cent of it to bank fees.

  18. Yep, I do it too. Not to that extent, just large coins. It adds up fast....never had one that big though!

  19. I stick all my change from shopping in my pocket .. even paper bills. It all goes in a can ... and you're right .. it does add up rather quickly. I saw the log splitter you were able to buy ... very cool!

  20. Well done! It's amazing how fast it can all add up, can't it?

    I started a money tin last December, using spare change and any parent fees under $10.. and by the time we went on holidays in April, I had enough to pay for my plane ticket home!
    Now, anything in the tin goes directly to making extra payments on the mortgage. :)


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