Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank You Postie!

I posted on my Mother's Day post that I was going to get something special soon for my Mother's day present.

Well today was the day...
a parcel had arrived in my Post Office box ...

And here they are...
Thank you blogger for posting the photo sideways....
Tried one out and it worked...
So I think I am going to be busy for a while....

I can't wait to sit down quietly and watch these DVD's.

I notice that The West Ladies have a new DVD on quilting...
I shall start saving my pennies again now.

I purchased these through an Australian site called DVD Educator.
Go have a look if you live in Australia.

Have a great day,

I know I am...



  1. Wow! those dvds look like they will be so handy for you. I have never heard of them before but just looked at the website and I think I might have to start saving myself :0)

  2. Thanks for the tip, Tanis - I'm going to check out that website. And regarding your previous post, I always find a good declutter does my soul good.

  3. They are going to keep you busy for a while! Oh, I wish! :-)

    And for Mother's Day I got...a box of chocolates, of which my husband ate HALF!

    Hehehe....and I love him to bits :-)

  4. You lucky thing! Maybe I'll have to start putting my coins in a tin like you do and save up for these. They really do come across as the sweetest ladies - posted their music video 'Green Beans in the Garden' to my blog yesterday, check it out!


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