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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just a quick post...

to let you know that I have a broken computer. The power supply cord has decided it is time for me to have a break from spending so much time on the laptop and has stop working.

Amazingly I am getting plenty done around here, and have just borrowed my son's computer while he is watching a movie to let you know of my dilemma!

The other news is we have had local flooding here today with 3 inches of rain falling in a short period of time, there was water everywhere. We also had 1.5 inches yesterday. An unusual event where we live but the past three years it has been a regular occurrence. The weather is heading east my friends and it has a lot of water coming with it, so take care.

Hopefully I can get my computer fixed soon so I don't get too behind with your blogs.

Have a great Sunday,


Just adding a link to a local blog, Sharp Reflections. Georgie has captured some beautiful pictures of Port Augusta if you want to take a look.


  1. Hope you're back with us soon Tania!

  2. Thanks for the warning Tania wil get my washing done today,lol. They forecasted rain to start tomorrow but hope we don't get that much.

  3. Hey I was wondering what you were up to :0)
    I hope you get the computer fixed soon...that darn rain,lol..


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