Saturday, November 6, 2010

Buy locally, I think not...

As it turned out my computer needed a new power cord as the little converter box had stopped working. We went to two places in our local town to get a price to replace the cord. One didn't deal with them and the other one, Radio Rentals wanted $160 for one.

Hubby thought he would check out eBay to see what was available. In the end we paid $20.69 including postage. So as much as I would love to say I shop locally, why would I? Can you believe that price difference? I have received the power supply cord and it is working fine so no complaints from me, of course time will tell if it is going to last. It has a 12 month Warranty.

I watched a two part documentary called Slumming It on ABC iview. I found this very interesting as was quite surprised at how these people live. It is filmed in Mumbai, India and the slums of Dharavi. If you didn't get to see it and would like to, you can take a look here. There is a link to the program via iview on this webpage. It will be well worth it. Seeing how some other people live certainly brings home the simple things in life for me.

Have a great weekend,



  1. When I see films like that I realize how rich I am. In America I would be considered middle class. We take so much for granted.

  2. Hi Tania,We don't live as isolated as you and we try to shop localy also and we find this all the time. We are only 10 mins either way to a bigger town so we can choose direction but our little supermarket shop in our town of 1800 is a great example.Cucumbers were $8.98 a kilo this week 10 minutes away at woolies they were $2.98 now I wonder why the towns people do not buy their fruit and veg there.Also for Christmas shopping I took Mum to the next bigger town an hour or so away as it is just too expensive in the closer town.It is just over the top.he item you bought will last the same distance and if not even if you have to buy another in 12 months you are still way ahead.Hope you are all keeping well before the heat arrives,it is back to winter at the moment here.Carole xx

  3. So glad to hear your computer is back up and running well. I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  4. Thanks for stopping by is the only thing that keeps me going....

  5. Hi Tania
    Just stopped by to say hi!! as I have been MIA for a while.
    Hope you are well and it's not getting to hot for you yet.

  6. I just love abc iview..yes you certainly start counting your blessings Tania :0)
    And ebay rocks !! LOL.

  7. Hello lovely,
    Thank you so so much for the link. My 11 year old son and I watched the first of the series but didnt get to see the second. I was a bit upset at missing it so very happy to find out I can watch it online.


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