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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beauty in the bush

Last weekend we went for a drive to Roxby Downs.
Due to plenty of rain in the outback, there had been a lot of talk of fields of Sturt's Desert Peas. Apparently even mutant varieties had been seen. Unfortunately we were there right on the end of the flowering and missed out on the coloured ones, but there was still plenty to see.

An amazing sight...

This was the last remaining flower of the white ones...
Island Lagoon on the way to Roxby, this is a large salt lake. There are lots of these in South Australia, we have one out the back of our place.
The wild flowers were in abundance...

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  1. I have never seen a flower like that. How unusual. I bet when they were at their peak they were beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Tania for such lovely pictures,i have only ever seen Stuart Peas on calendars and the like ,how lovely to be able to see them in real settings.You did a great job,what a wonderful world.Carole xx

  3. I saw the Sturt Pea for the first time about 6 years ago, it was on the side of the road, and we just had to pull up and take a closer look. It is stunning... Thankyou :))

  4. My brother is working in Broome, he apparently said he really enjoyed his trip, and I think it was because of the flowers etc. It must have been a week or so ago.

  5. Your remembrance poppies in the desert Tania.

  6. I love the Sturt's Desert Pea. I've grown them before but a little patch at home really has nothing on the wild carpets of them.

  7. I always love to see the photos of flowers that grow & prosper on their own in the wild. Are you able to use the salt lakes for anything. Recreational??
    I love to see other parts of our country. I'm glad you liked visiting mine-I live in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Maleny, Montville etc. not far from where you had holiday.
    I lived for many years on large cattle stations in Western QLD so I really feel if I have lived the best of both worlds, such differnt country to each other- one so green,lush & humid, one so brown,hot & dry
    BUT both very beautiful in their own right.
    Have a great weekend Tania

  8. These flowers are beautiful and so unique.
    Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  9. What a treat - those Desert Peas are amazing - one day, one day.....

  10. Amazing flowers. Did you collect any seed from the Stuart Peas?
    It is truly amazing to see the desert blooming with frenzied life.
    I great post thanks for sharing the experience.


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