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Monday, November 15, 2010

Just playing

My early birthday and Christmas present from hubby (gotta love him). I have been throwing hints around for a few years now and e v e n t u a l l y I got my wish.
All I have to do now is learn how to use it. I thought I might join up with a photography group/club but it looks as though this town doesn't have one, so I will just have to teach myself.
Loving the photos...

This mushroom appeared in the front garden after the last lot of rain.
I took some photos of flowers while visiting with my mum and dad yesterday.


My son took these two pics of a thistle.

Even captured a bee!
An unusual geranium plant,
this is the final flower, bred to look like tiny roses.
Take care,

x Tania


  1. great photos Tania. Good luck teaching yourself to use the camera. What a pity there isn't a group here.

  2. Tania that is so similar to mine. I am still trying to learn....ooh steep learning curve. I know they are supposed to be easier but I found my Canon film SLR easier! I still can't seem to produce what I want to. I have found some great short video tutorials for the camera on you tube. Looks like you got another lens too you lucky duck. Ironic isn't it taking a photo of a camera LOL. Have lots of fun

  3. Very, very nice - lucky you.

    And what a sweet hubby :-)

  4. What great photos you have already taken looking forward to more....

  5. Great camera ! Nothing like a new toy :0)

  6. Wow, a fantastic camera and even more fantastic pictures. They just jump out at you, so clear. I would enquire at your photo shop, there are probably individuals who have a passion for photography that may run workshops etc.
    You'll see the world in close-up from now on.

    Cheers - Joolz

  7. Daryl would love one of those and is always looking in camera shops.

  8. Im so jealous lol, it's on my christmas wish list.

  9. I am so happy for you :)) It takes great pics.. I am learning also, so much fun.. Have a great day :))

  10. Gee, what a shame you don't have a class on how to take pix with your new camera ... JOKE! Those pix are fabulous!

    Happy travels!!
    Adventures in Australia

  11. green with envy Tania.

    Classes - goodness !

    Your photos are wonderful, the camera has sure helped your nature eye for colour and beauty.
    Imagine what you would have done with those desert peas with this littel gem . . . .

    I can tell you're going to have a ball with your new "toy" !

  12. I am going to enjoy visiting your blog. I am looking forward to hearing about your life in the outback. Great photos.

  13. Great shots that's a nice camera. I have a canon camera also a Powershot S5IS. I like it but would love a bigger zoom.....

    Gill in Canada

  14. Hello Tania, I noticed you on my list of followers and wanted to come visit. What a fantastic gift! Every bloggers dream gift, eh? Lovely blog too. I'm going to enjoy following along.

  15. Lovely photos, Tania, especially the roses and flowers.
    Great looking camera, though a cheap digital does me.
    Hugs, Jan

  16. Aaah! The joy of a new camera and lens! The photo's are great, isn't it wonderful it's like a new set of eyes. Love those flower photo's, I can never get enough of them.

    The Pioneer Woman has lots of helpful hints and ideas about using a digital slr and I think the canon website will have some ideas too.

    Have fun.


  17. Beautiful pohtos!! You did a wonderful job with your new camera. Dream camera!!!


  18. How nice....your pictures are Grrreeeat! Gerry

  19. I want a DSLR camera too! And a Canon also! Take fantastic photos, dont they? Very nice indeed. :)
    ~S. xo


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