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Monday, November 22, 2010


The warmer (hot) weather is here at last. We have had an odd day here and there that has been hot but has also been followed by a week of cooler weather.
Not this time, yesterday was 35C (95F), today 37C (98.6F) and tomorrow will be 38C (100.4F) and pretty warm for the rest of the week. The weather has been kind to us this year, unlike last November when we had record breaking high temperatures. See last years posts here and here.

Around my home...

Some of the books I am reading.

Wash day today.
With this weather,
I washed, hung out, got in, folded and put away by lunchtime.

doing my bit to conserve water by carting rain water to the washing machine.
also washing my dishes in rain water.

old friends.
cosy bed.
family time
with loved ones.

new life.
around the yard...

Picked my first rose today.
beautiful aroma.
tiny butterfly.
native Australian plants.

Bright colours.


spring onions gone to seed.
sundown tonight at the salt lake behind our place. It has water in it from all the rain. Usually this is just a dry salt pan.
Todays sunset...
Sometimes it is so nice to be able to enjoy just being home with the beauty that surrounds us.

I hope you are enjoying your time at home,



  1. Beautiful pictures, you have a lovely home and I loved the flower pictures. Our summer has ended and now winter is fast approaching. No snow yet but soon enough I am sure we will see some!

  2. Sounds like your summer weather is just as hot as ours here in S.E. Texas. Do your temps cool down at night or do they remain unbearable like here on the Gulf Coast (our night-time lows are around 80 F w/ 90% + humidity)?

    It is exciting to see your gardens and fruit trees blooming and beginning to bear fruit. I pray y'all have a bountiful harvest.


  3. You go girl! Work that camera! Some great photos coming out. We were hot yesterday but nothing like you guys. Don't forget to get my rose petal jam recipe and save some of those blooms. You'll appreciate it on sticky hot days when you can bear to bake scones.

  4. Wow, that was a lovely post - so full of everything beautiful in your life. I think your 'cup runneth over'! Thank you for sharing,

    Joolz :)

  5. Every day I 'walk the boundaries' of my block, with camera in hand, looking for little changes, breathing in the fresh air and occasionally taking photos. It is important to me to try to live in the moment and savour what is on offer. Love your post today.

  6. Tania, your pics are magic :))
    I love your part of Aus, and will visit it again one day...
    I to have picked my first vase of roses.. the colours and perfume are beautiful..
    We have been lucky with the rain fall and we also water our garden by pump from the rain water tank.. How blessed to have that :))
    have a great week..
    hugs pat in tas :))

  7. Lovely update, Tania. My favourite pictures here are the sparrow and the salt lake. I'm glad you have water about this year.

  8. What an interesting post and beautiful pictures. Gerry

  9. Tania is taking pictures of every thing that is bolted down and not moving. You have the flare with the camera dearest. Lovely shots keep up the good work.....

  10. Nice photos Tania! The heat hasnt arrived here just yet...just tops of around 26c with the odd shower!!

  11. i'd much rather be taking photos :)
    that new camera is certainly earning its way Tania !

  12. Beautiful photos! Beautiful family!!

  13. OH I loved, loved the photo's. I hope you do another series.
    So many similarities, yet some differences too that make our large land so great.


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