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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Extreme Weather Conditions- Breaking Records

Not much happening in our neck of the woods. Just trying to stay cool the best way we can.

Lucky we have a pool to cool down in. Life at the moment consists of doing a little bit, dip in the pool, doing a bit more, dip in the pool...........

I bought these vegies a couple of days before the heatwave hit and haven't got to plant them yet. Their home for now is in the laundry as I nearly lost them on the first day.

I have decided not to plant too much this year as my daughter is growing a lovely vegie garden and she will have plenty for all.

I bought some cherry tomatoes, apple cucumbers and one Grosse Lisse Tomato plant. I don't have much luck growing tomatoes for some reason.

Not sure when the weather is going to be nice to us so I can plant these......by the long range forecast it is hot until at least next Wednesday.
Some strawberry plants with strawberries, seem to be doing okay so long as I keep them damp.

These came into bloom for one day and then shriveled up, I didn't even get time to enjoy them, just as well I took a photo when I did.

Eremophila in bloom.

Another dust storm hitting us a week ago.

Weather forecast for the next week from the Elders weather site is:

41C today (105.8F)
42C tomorrow (107.6F)
42C Saturday
43C Sunday (109.4F)
35C Monday
37C Tuesday
43C Wednesday

The official all time record for November has been broken. Six straight days over 40 degrees and it's not Summer yet.

The worse thing about having hot weather is thinking and finding easy things to make for dinner.

What do others do for meals in hot weather?
I would be interested to know if you feel like sharing.

Stay cool and safe,



  1. Hi lovey.

    Dinner can be a real pain in the heat hey. Here in Brissy it sure does heat up and we are looking at getting a Cobb Cooker to cook outside with.


  2. Tania we cook meat on the bbq outside and have with salad (potato coleslaw garden ) whatever we feel like on the day.
    Follow up with ice cream :o)

  3. I was wondering what the modern version of cold meat and salad was. Makes sense.

  4. Hi Tania,
    Our pool is being well used at the moment, too. We are in the process of installing shade cloth sails over it so that we can use it more without becoming sunburned.

    We have light meals, such as scrambled eggs, fish fingers and salad, chops and salad, in fact anything with salad.

    My daughter and I love 1/2 orange, 1/2 apple, cheese and bread.

    Stay cool!

  5. Urgh, how to you bare it so hot? At least you don't have day care kids now to keep cool too.

    Lots of cold meats and salads I say!

    Keep cool - lucky you have a pool (and air conditioning too I imagine?)

  6. Oh Tania ..I feel for you! At least you have the pool!Our temps have been ok the last few weeks,but now telling us mid to high 30's next week! Oh joy,lol.
    I say Barbie and salad.And a cold Shandy or Bundy!!

  7. Dear Tania,
    it is amazing to read about your tepms and life in Australia. I live in Germany and we have a cold winter beginning here with around 3C. Hope that your weather won´t break any records anymore and sending you best wishes from Bavaria. Eve

  8. Hi Tania

    Oh, you poor things. I think I'd expire if I had to endure that heat. We've had 32-38 so far but it cools off overnight. Thank goodness you have the pool.

    As far as food goes, I'd be having cold meats (ham, corned beef,turkey breast, salami) and salads. Buy a cooked chicken or two from the supermarket, have it cold, broken up into pieces and make a platter with salad items (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cheese, gherkin, pickled onions, capsicum, carrot and celery. everyone can help themselves.

    I made a berry dessert which is on my blog - nice to have in the freezer for nighttime dessert.

    Hope there is a reprieve next week - it really does make living hard.

    Cheers - Joolz

  9. The weather here in Victoria is also hot, but not as hot as you guys have it.
    Stay cool and rest.
    If its this hot now I am dreading December and January.

  10. I had heard you guys were getting hit with the heat. At least you have the pool to cool you down a bit.

    Gill in Canada

  11. You poor thing they are extreme weather conditions. Thank goodness you have your pool, I think even cooking outside would be a task. We usually have salads or fruits.
    We have only reached 36 and that day nearly wiped me out. Hang in there its only just starting to warm up :)

  12. Hi Tania, I just found your blog from Our Red House, enjoying the read :)
    We BBQ a lot to keep the cooking heat down plus the cold roast meat goes well with salad.
    A new Summer pizza I've been making is taking a piece of round wrap bread, spreading minced garlic on it, top with grated cheese, then cook in a frying pan on top of the stove (with lid on) til cheese is melted then served with salad on top.
    It's just that little bit of cooked food you crave after weeks of salads.

  13. Just discovered your blog and I love it! Keep cool! We are cool enough here with below freezing temperatures! =)


  14. Too hot for me!
    We are having bizarre spring - it's been cold even had fires on.

    It must be a real challenge to grow veges where you are & keep them watered.

    Keep cool!

    Love Leanne

  15. Omigosh, your temps are even higher than ours! Thank goodness you put a pool in.

    Yesterday at Foodland I noticed that all the snags and other BBQ things were flying out the door and the racks with beef and lamb roasts were overloaded.

    My only issue with BBQing is that nobody wants to stand outide in the heat to do the cooking.


  16. Oh That pool is very enviable!
    I may never see my kids again if we had a pool!
    They would be in 7th heaven!
    I will still do meals inthe crookpot...sometimes plugged in,in the garage.
    But things like tacos or taco mince with kidney beans added in a tortilla wrap and salad items is easy and quick and does'nt heat the house or you up too much!

  17. Hello Tania
    Guess your breaking records still - we are having a fine time (not) 30s plus and up near the Murray much higher. Cooler tomorrow and then going up again. So glad we got the gov. grant for extra insulation - its working a treat and only had the fans on.

    I find a crockpot/slow cooker is ideal for when you get fed up with salads but don't want the heat from cooking. I keep mine in the laundry and use it there. Prepare in the kitchen and load it up and then forget.
    Take care

  18. I hope you get some relief from the heat soon.

  19. I enjoyed the pictures and the post. I hope it has cooled off some. Doylene from Russellville, AR.

  20. A pool sounds very tempting. We have the dams and the creek, but they are a bit mucky atm with the lack of rain. Plus the snakes are enjoying regular dips as well lol!

    For dinners we have a small bbq outside in the shade, but we are also doing things like cooking up fritatta and quiche when it is cooler to have in the fridge (and use up eggs ;)). A;so potato salad and fruit salads as well.

    I find eating tricky in the heat - too much food at once or too much "heavy" food makes me feel blergh. So having things in the fridge we can pick at a couple of times a day really helps.

    I'm thinking an outdoor cob oven would be a nice addition! I could do bread in that too, without heating the house...

  21. I hope the weather has cooled down for you a bit this week. Thank goodness for your lovely pool. How are you going with your course/study??

  22. Hello Tania
    How are things this week - still hot as h....?
    Take care and keep cool


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