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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catastrophic conditions

I thought I had better let you all know that we are still battling along. As you can see we are experiencing more hot conditions, the photo above I have took at 11am, and it is sitting on 43 C (1o9.4F) and the one below was at 9.30 this morning when it was already over 40. Monday and Tuesday were a bit cooler in the high 30's so we did have a bit of relief. We needed it after having 45C (113F) on Sunday.

The north west of South Australia are on a (code red day) catastrophic fire danger warning alert for today and tomorrow. This has been brought about by the tragic bushfires in Victoria earlier this year. They are warning people to evacuate their homes unless they are satisfied that they have done enough to be safe from a bushfire. Some schools and the like have been closed and school buses are not running. We have the ABC radio on so we can keep updated with what is happening.
We are experiencing very hot gusty winds...

My poor strawberries ripened just in time for me to pick this morning.
I would like to thank everyone who left a comment on my last post. I really appreciated all of you for taking the time to offer food ideas and well wishes. We survived on easy meals like tuna patties, lasagna, quiche, all served with salad. Tonight we are having chicken and you guessed it salad. Ohhh, I am so over salad...

We can't go in our pool today as there is too much dirt in the air, hopefully we can later if the wind dies down.

A cool change is expected on Friday and they say we may get some rain, so I hope they are right. We will need to get through tomorrow yet which is forecast to be worse than today. The radio just announced that the wind in Port Augusta is gusting at over 50km an hour and a bushfire has started up at Bowmans, South Australia.

Take care,



  1. Oh Tania! Stay safe and I hope you get some relief soon from the heat. We never experienced anything that hot before.....I don't think I could move in heat like that. I have a hard enough time if we reach 80F!

  2. Stay cool. Yesterday was a scorcher here in Brissy, but rain overnight and a cooler day today sigh!

  3. Hi Tania

    You guys are in my thoughts as I cannot even contemplate having to endure those temperatures - a 25C day is hot for me.
    I do hope the fires don't become too severe - it's scary to think that there are blazes already in November. Mother Nature sure has her knickers in a knot, doesn't she?
    Try to stay cool,


  4. And i thought it was hot up hear.. I think you need the rain more than we do.. It's good to hear the new fire alerts/system is working. Keep safe and cool :)

    I hope you manage to stay cool.
    And the horrid dust settles...We usually get your weather so Ugh!
    I do so hate the heat of summer...though getting thewashing done in record time has been a delight!@

  6. Tania, I hope that you are staying cool - it is just as hot here.

    I am so looking forward to the cool change and relief from the dust.

  7. Dear Tania,
    this is unbelievable. In Germany it is so cold. And its amazing that your trees are still green under that circumstances. Sending you some rain whishes. Best, Eve

  8. Tania I am sorry you have to worry about those sorts of things, and the dust on top of it.

    We are expecting our first hot day at 40oC tomorrow. It is hard to believe because the nights are so cool. I wake up with a sore throat. Still it is nice until the afternoon.

    I'll be happy if we can sort out cars out, one with airconditioning problems, the other with radiator problems, both require a trip to town.

    I hope you have lots of interesting things to do when you don't have the pool to swim in. I suppose reading and computers are not so good if you feel hot. Hopefully your airconditioning helps.

  9. I feel so sorry for you guys, so hot. Ever thought about moving somewhere a bit cooler?

  10. You have inspired me to take the car for a long drive to the radiator place, we were planning to go there anyway. I wouldn't want to have to go somewhere in a bushfire with the car having radiator problems.

  11. Oh, poor you, Tania!

    I'm due to go over to Adelaide with the kids for Christmas (hubby is staying in Dunedin), and am very tempted to call it off, despite the fact that the trip is booked and paid for. I'm just worried about the heat.

    Please take care of yourself, drink lots and stay cool.


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