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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What about Mother Nature?

Mother Nature has put on a real show these past few weeks, first the heat, throw in some strong winds and lots of rain.

We went away for the weekend to Port Lincoln to get out of this house and it's four walls.
I took some pics of our friend Cindy's garden where we stayed.
I live in awe of people who can such grow pretty things without effort.

When we got back from Port Lincoln on Sunday night, this sign greeted us on our turn-off into our road home.
Well, well, well, had it rained or what??
The water had subsided by the time we arrived. Apparently this road on which we live was a river.

After the floods in December last year, someone in their wisdom thought they might change the water course of a nearby creek and this is the result. Lucky we are built up here but others were not so lucky. Why does man try to out smart Mother Nature, she will win every time unless the job is done properly? grrrr!
Sorry that we missed it.
Here I was telling everybody that it rarely rains here.
We had over 80mls (320 points, 3

I was pleasantly surprised when I had some lovely flowers delivered to my front door on Monday.

Thank you sweet hubby.

It has started raining here again today, it is quite heavy as I listen to the sound on our tin roof while I type this.

We are expecting quite a bit of rain, hopefully I am able to drive and get our son from school in about an hour.

Hope you are enjoying good weather where you are.



  1. Wow you guys sure do get a hodgepodge of weather at this time of year don't you? Thankfully it's a little more consistent here ;)

  2. No rain here...so if you can manage to send some our way,Id be thankful :0)

  3. Yeah we could do with some rain up here, 80 mls is fantastic. We have a couple of fires around us at the moment and the high winds have not helped much.It is hard to believe the weather in our country :)


  4. The rain was so nice after all the heat. It was really wonderful on Saturday night especially listening to it on the roof.

    There was so much rain though that Christopher's kindy was flooded.

  5. The rain was wonderful for us, but not so wonderful for the local farmers.

    We had 72 mm of rain here.

    Have a wonderful week,

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I love the pictures. They tell a great story. This last summer here in AR we had a lot of floods. I live on a high hilltop so I don't worry about myself. The valley below is where the AR River flows. I enjoy your stories so much. Doylene

  7. I am sure the rains were appreciated. Lovely garden and lovely flowers your hubby got you! :)

  8. Hi tania, I am sitting in Tassie with our fire on tonight! What a country Australia is. I love your blog, and the pictures of the sunset and heat...omg I feel for you I am assuming at least it is a dry heat, and not humid..though with the 3inches of rain maybe it is a bit humid.


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