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Monday, March 7, 2011

The ants were marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah...

I was greeted this morning to an army or should I say several armies of ants inviting themselves into my kitchen.

Since we moved here nearly 10 years ago I had managed to keep them at bay, but the little blighters snuck inside in the dark of the night.

My treatment for these pesky little creatures is this...
Talcum powder!
There was talcum powder everywhere on the floor, along my window ledges and a big white line across my pantry door entrance. They did not get into my food, thank goodness.

Hubby arrived home to find this mess and couldn't help himself...
He left this lovely message for me
It was really hard to clean up, but is all gone now and


What do you do to get rid of ants?



  1. Nothing...we have to live with them...old home I guess, but they come every Summer through my little fold out kitchen window, past the kettle and then all around the wall into the next room and the pantry..........
    I try ANT RID at times, when they get real bad, but other than that, we just live with it...come the cooler weather out they go until Summer again..........we leave no food out and make sure dishes are done and no glasses with cordial dregs are left around...I have also tried lavender oil, which seems to work a little...wiped along their path...

  2. We have a MASSIVE ongoing problem with ants. We use cornflour they track it back to the Queen and they all ingest it and literally explode as it swells in their insides.

  3. I keep on meaning to try vinegar in a spray bottle. I haven't yet but one of my other blogging friends swears by it.

  4. Cinnamon, Ants don't like anythink spicy, so put cinnamon around enjoy the smell & no ants :)

  5. Dried oregano (actually forgotten about in the cupboard) in the shelves discorages all winged things.

  6. There are some good tips here that I'll have to try this summer. We seem to get them for a while each year. I'd rather use non poisonous things to get rid of ants since I have small dogs--and they get into everything!! Love the message your husband left you. Take care.

  7. I don't know what they call it down under, but if you have a powdered kitchen cleanser called "Comet". That will work. Although I wouldn't put it on wood, maybe just laminate or vinyl flooring.

  8. I have never tried talc, will try it next time they invade. fortunately they dont try too often.

  9. I have not heard of using this for ants before but I am starting to see some in the bathroom so it is worth a try!

  10. I've always used Talc and it works well for me.

  11. I've had an ant issue this summer too. Borax sprinkled around seemed to reduce their numbers, but not make them move on. I'll try the talc and other suggestions ...

  12. From reading all of these comments it seems as though they don't like anything in powder form. I definitely like the idea of trying talc, they are coming in, in their thousands just in the last three days..I wonder if we're in for another big lot of rain!

  13. Hi Tania
    I've nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog award. I don't mind if you pass it on to others or not I just wanted to give you the award!!


    Kylie :-)

  14. I live in Mississippi and seem to have trouble with ants every spring and fall. I've been using dried peppermint leaves in my cabinets and also spritzing a little bit of Peppermint Essential Oil. It seems to help.

  15. This morning I accidently cut open my already sore toe. ouchy... and the ants decided they wanted a piece of the action... sadistic little so and so's.. so I thought..what was that tip I read.. I know...talcum powder... it worked a treat... thanx for the tip xx

  16. Never knew about powder and ants, must give it ago. We have been fine this year, must have been too cool for ants.


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