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Monday, March 21, 2011

Perigee Moon and Rooftop Views

I wish to acknowledge that
the following photos of the "big" moon and the view from our roof were taken by hubby Phil.

We hadn't had a chance to fiddle with the new camera at night time, so the Perigee moon was a good chance to. I think the pictures turned out really well.
We had a fair bit of cloud cover...

After the wet day yesterday the sun poked through the broken cloud at the end of day.
A good opportunity to climb onto the roof and get these photos of the view all around.

I love the beautiful orange colours of Autumn.
The "salt" lake/pan behind us is usually very dry, but with all the rain this lake has been filled with water for most of the past year...
Gorgeous sunset

Surrounding hills and salt lake.
View of our veggie garden from above.
I have finally removed the shade cloth this morning as I feel sure that the hot weather has passed safely by.

A gentle breeze blowing
Beauty all around
The local power station that provides electricity to a big part of the state of South Australia.
The Flinders Ranges provides a lovely back drop and the colours of these hills are always changing. I can look out my side door and take in the view which can be breathtaking at times. I have two daughters living just over these hills in the tiny country town of Quorn, about 20 minutes away from here...
Today is cloudy and cool and it looks like it might even rain again, what a great start to the year!
The farmers should be very happy.

Best wishes to all,



  1. Hi Tania,
    Love your photos.

    Have you thought about putting a watermark on them so you have ownership.

  2. wow Tania. Looks great. I wish it was summer again. I don't like the cold windy day we are having today.

  3. Tania , and hubby, great pics thanks so much as we had cover and couldn't see the moon :((

    We stayed at Port Augusta and drove to Quorn, loved every minute of it :)) What is the name of the little train.? PichiRichi?
    Hope your garden is doing well :))
    Pat in tas :))

  4. wow! I have been trying to get moon pictures for a while. I don't think I have the right kind of camera to get the results I want.
    These are awesome. Thanks for posting. I love nature shots!

  5. WOW.....what fantastic photos.

    Sue xx

  6. Gosh it was nice to see around your neck of the woods.

  7. A big country, a big world. Lovely photo's. Nice that the heat has passed.

  8. Hello Tania!
    I love your photos!
    See we have lots in common!
    Thank-you for stopping by my blog and leaving a coment!
    I sure enjoyed reading your blog!
    It's very nice!

  9. Gorgeous shots, well done hubby!

  10. Wonderful pictures, Tania! Your area looks so beautiful! We had clouds, too, and the few glimpses of moon I could snatch ...well it looked just like every other full moon. Oh well, every one is pretty!


  11. Hi Tania, your photos are looking amazing. It is a part of Australia that I have never seen..being an eastern dweller. Those mountains are breath-taking.
    Did you find the shade cloth protected the plants a lot during the hot weather? We were thinking of putting some up for hours as the heat can get intense in Summer.
    Hope your week treats you well.

  12. Tania's camera is great, if you spend that extra cash you get quality. Thanks for the positive comments. Tania (NOT my Tania): re shade cloth,for you it would be best to use the white shade cloth and only 50%. Hope that helps.

  13. Wow! Those photos are amazing.
    I had a go at trying to get a few but they didn't turn out as well.
    Thanks for the little tour.

  14. We use to visit the Flinders Rangers when I was a kid, lovely spot, would love to revisit one day. I am a fan of sunsets, we get some lovely ones in Canberra but not like in the outback.

    Thanks for sharing the photos.


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