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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pickling beetroot

The beets are done...

Using a recipe found here...

I am very pleased with the results,
and they taste so good!

We are going to plant some more beets and hopefully get a second crop. It is a bit risky planting them this late with the heat, but a risk I will take.

Some of you asked how I manage to grow veggies in the heat. This year we have put in wicking beds like found here and here and got the plants in early so they were well established before the heat arrived. We also have shade cloth to pull over if needed, which we haven't had to yet.

Yesterday was 38C (100.4F) and today is the same. Trying to sleep with a 25C (77F) night was fun!

Wishing you well,



  1. I'm growing beetroot for the first time this year. Hoping for some jars lust like yours!

  2. Nothing quite like homemade beetroot mmm delish!

  3. MMM....one of my favorites! We can't seem to get enough here.

  4. Excellent! I needed that kick in the pants to spur me on. It's so easy to forget to include beetroot in my store cupboard

  5. I read your blog i find it very interesting. I like to read about the weather especially since we are getting ready for wimter in New York. I have a question You never mention air conditioning. Do you have one for when the heat is that hot?

  6. I might try this we just have always used Nans recipe,do the beetroot like that,jar it and pour over vinegar to the top sprinkle a dessert spoon of sugar and just gently tip the bottle over a few times to dissolve the sugar..

  7. Nothing better than pickled homegrown beetroot, I found 2 jars in the back of the pantry from last year and they are delicious.

  8. Love the taste of home grown beet root!! How would you compare the growth of your veggies now your using wicker beds?

  9. Hi Tania,

    I also used Rhonda's recipe to pickle my beets and they were delicious. I just wish I had planted more however they are now very cheap at our local markets so I may buy some tomorrow and pickle these for when they are out of season. Next year I'll know to plant more.



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