Friday, November 18, 2011

Too Hot for Lizards

41 (105.8F) Hot degrees today...

Yesterday was 39C (102.2F)

This little gecko must have thought he found a nice cool spot...

He or she was quite happy for me to take some pictures...

The fiery sky at day's end yesterday...

There is a bush fire burning in the nearby ranges, hopefully there are no strong hot winds today, although I think they are predicted...

The good news is that there will be a cool change tomorrow...


  1. How hot does it get there Tania?

  2. It gets way hotter than this Cathy, especially when Summer hits. January, February and March can get temperatures in the high 40's for days on end! It is breaking us in slowly :)

  3. Gorgeous photos and the sunset is beautiful. Stay cool. :)
    Anne xx

  4. Oh dear, wildland fires seems to plague the world! That poor little gecko seems to hang in there for life!
    Praying all will turn out well Tania!
    Keep safe (and cool)!

  5. Great photos Tania! Don't know if I could cope with continual heat like that for too long. How do you keep cool?

  6. I hope that change comes in quickly for you Tania.

  7. It has got hot quickly here as well Tania, but today is much cooler, so far only 24..Enjoy your week end.

  8. Yep I am over summer already lol. Today is meant to be 37 here in Adelaide and to me is too hot,,,,I am such a little princess aren't I!!! I hate the heat, sometimes I wonder if I really am an Aussie!
    Stay cool.

  9. We're sitting in an air-conditioned classroom that we swapped to because the 30C day was too hot for the classroom we're normally in.
    Obviously we're a pack of wimps...

  10. it's too hot that's for sure...wish I could send some rain

  11. You don't get the humidity much there do you? I can handle hot weather but the humidity knocks me around.

  12. It's about 34C here and we have high winds today. The country is still quite green but there is a fair bit of fuel about so I hope no fires start. Sorry, I don't envy you up there...


  13. melbourne is confused at the moment. it thinks its brisbane. Its hot and humid and we have been having regular thunder storms. I really wish melbourne would go back to being melbourne. stay cool Tania

  14. It's supposed to snow a couple of inches here tomorrow. The girls are SO excited~

    I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around your heat!!

    Love the gecko. Something we don't have here in Central Oregon. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. Temps I remember as a child.. Much cooler in Tas :)) Gorgeous little lizard :))

  16. Jump in the pool!

    Perhaps that's where the lizard will head to next!

    Sft x

  17. ooh that is HOT! And summer isn't really here yet....
    Glad you got your pool all ready to cool off in.

    Love Leanne

  18. Oh I remember those hot, hot days of summer all to well. Thankfully, those have passed and we are now experiencing cooler days of fall. It will start getting cold the first of December and then when January hits, really cold.

  19. Hot and not even summer.

    When we lived in Darwin we hd lots of geckos and they had so much character and fun to watch.


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