Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Market finds

We got up early to go to the local undercover markets

Picked up this great basket.
It is about the size of a shopping basket...I have put some of my wool stash in it...$4.00

This adorable little handmade vintage hankie box...$1.00

At last we found a Pavlova plate...$5.00
Have been on the hunt for one of these for a while now.

5 Albert Meakin bowls...$10

A vintage pillow case...50c

And a collection of books...50c each

I have started collecting the Women's Weekly Menu Planning series as there are some good recipes in these little books. The hard work is done for you...menu plan, recipes and shopping list. I gave one of the recipes a try the other night and was well pleased with the result :)

And this vintage candle holder...$8.00

I am hoping to do the local op shops over soon as hubby is on two weeks holiday at the moment :)

Have you found any goodies at the markets or op shops lately?

Happy Tuesday!!



  1. I collect those vintage card boxes and they are quite $$ on ebay and at antique shops - what a bargain!

    Love all your other goodies also :]

  2. Hi Tania! You have some neat (and pretty) finds! I haven't gone anywhere to find things lately. I would love to drive to outlet stores in Lancaster, Pennsylvania soon...it is an hour drive. They have alot of second-hand and antique stores in that area, besides outlet stores. There are Amish there and it is nice to get out into the country. love,andrea

  3. I have been volunteering at our local markets once a month and it is so hard not to come back laden with stuff! I try to get rid of something for everything new I bring in to the house so as to prevent clutter.

  4. I love that cute little hankie box - what a bargain at $1 :)

    I post my favourite op shop finds every week over at my blog - check it out if you'd like :)

  5. Hi Tania,
    A girl after my own heart! My pick of that stash - the Alfred Meakin bowls - I would have fought you for them!

    One of my favourite things to do is on a Saturday morn, when dear heart is home, to stroll up to the local Old Cheese Factory building, which now houses some shops.

    One of them is a vintagey/rustic/craft/secondhand/veggie-and-flower selling shop.
    I regularly pick up treasures, esp tray cloths, doilies etc. and little vases and whatnots.

    We also like to go to the farmers market once a month, which I also scour for treasures, but they tend to be a bit dearer there.


  6. What great finds...that basket is a good size..On Friday I got 3 vintage sheets all near new and so thick.....Thr first I have ever got as they go so fast...Have a great week.

  7. wow love your finds Tania.

    I haven't checked out the local op shops for a few weeks, must get back down there.

  8. The basket reminds me of my Mum's shearers basket. She would load it up with the morning tea for our shearers (tin pannikins for their tea, sandwiches and cake). I would 'help' her carry it over to the shed (I was 5 years old).


  9. That's a nice haul, Tania. It's especially good when you find just what you're looking for!
    I had a good day op-shopping last week. I got new-looking jeans for $10 and a bunch of pretty tops and blouses. I'll choose one to wear to a wedding later this week- we're cash strapped at the moment and I wanted something new-to-me. Unfortunately I couldn't find a 'formal' skirt to go with any of the tops but I have one in the wardrobe that will do.

  10. Great finds Tania. I have a few of those menu planner cookbooks. They were my first cookbooks, my dad bought them for me when I was still at school and I still use them.

  11. Great finds and I like the basket, I have my wool in the one I have too but mine doesn't have a handle.

  12. A great collection at your market.. well done :))

  13. Cool finds! I'm always finding stuff, probably too much to be honest! :D Was out today and only went in one shop, found a couple of pieces of fabric and a shoe holder.

  14. You must be very pleased with yourself their great "finds", i especially love the wicker basket(i have quite a collection)Albert Meakin bowls are superb and will hold the apple crumble and ice cream beautifully!! I recently found a single vintage sheet(very good condition) in simular colors to your pillowcase and will probably use it to back a quilt.
    Last but not least my good friend Deb was throwing out "just some old bath mats, do you want some" and yep in the bottom of the pile a beautiful retro bright green bedspread that daughter number 2 thinks is awesome.

  15. I'm sooooooooo envious of the hankie box! My nanna had one when I was a little girl. Thanks for the memories.
    Vanilla Rose

  16. great finds, especially the candle holder.

  17. Tania,It's unreal,the things you find at those types of shops here. I have done 90 per cent of my lifetime shopping in those stores. My best find in awhile was a like-new Longaberger Purse set,for 12 dollars last week. Most 2nd hand places run them used for 25 dollars or more. I bought a new set a few years ago at a similar shop for 50 dollars. I have never in my life,spent that much for clothing,much less a purse.I'll never do it again. I love shopping those shops and saving my money for other things.

  18. Hi Tania,

    Just stopping by for a quick visit. It's been a delight reading about your good 2nd hand finds, bountiful gardening season and the crochet projects.

    Look forward to stopping by again soon,

  19. Candlestick holder, good one............

  20. Lovely finds! I need to post a picture of the gorgeous handmade quilt that I recently found.

  21. I love op shopping and my son and I went on Saturday, we found some amazing bargains including 2 crystal bowls. I love hunting for bargains.

  22. You got some amazing buys!
    I love the handmade vintage hankie box, the Albert Meakin bowls and pillow case.

    What treasures.

    Sft x

  23. Hi Tania, thank you so muchg for becoming a follower on my blog. I'm glad you did, because now I found your blog ;)
    Great finds and wonderful pictures !!
    Have a great day.


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