Thursday, March 1, 2012

Catch up

A bit of mish mash from our corner of the world. I take lots of photos with the intention of putting on this blog but lately time has been slipping away from me, so I will just do this post for now...lots of photos, not necessary in order or around the right way lol!

I am still granny squaring...

A phone case with vintage buttons...

Daisy Square cushion like the pillow found here:

I was very pleased with how this turned out...

At long last I have finished off some crochet cushions that had been sitting in my cupboard for years and years...

They are the Adelaide Crows colours, blue, yellow and red, our favourite AFL team.

A cowl/scarfe I made, but am a bit disappointed with the colours but it still looks okay on.

This bag was made from a couple of granny squares that were left over from another project. I just added some more brighter colours and sewed a crocheted heart on one side and an owl on the other. Added a black border and strap and some pretty flowers...I also added a lining from vintage material but forgot to add the photo...

Our new lampshade

for the stand we were given...

Our son turns 16 this month, so along with that goes the dreaded driving bug...

This is the car we found for him...

As a mother it will be worrying times ahead for me :(

He is a sensible lad so hopefully he will respect the dangers of driving modern cars...

I have been trying to get myself a vintage soap saver, with no success so far. So I made myself a makeshift one out of recycled onion bag mesh. I crocheted one end and added and open end with a tie so the soap can be replaced. I use this when washing dishes, soaps up nicely...

A great photo of Millie, she is wanting her ball thrown for her, can you tell?
Come on Dad...please?

Collecting logs for winter, because the tree loppers are in town...they are chopping trees that are dangerous or touching power lines.

Still have some vegetables producing, apple cucumbers, carrots and capsicums...

pumpkins are coming along...

My new project, another blanket :)

We had a very wet day here yesterday...with 63mm (2.5inches) falling throughout the day.
Hurray for the gardens, as it was getting pretty dry after the last hot spell!

The view through my dirty window...we spent most of the day inside enjoying watching the rain fall.

And I want to apologise to my blogging friends who take time to leave me lovely comments. I have visited your blogs but am unable to leave comments on some of them...I have no problem with blogs that have the word verification, but the ones that ask to choose a profile I cant seem to comment on. Any ideas to fix this problem? I have signed out of blogger and signed back in but the problem is still there. I was thinking of deleting the cookies next but thought I would put it out there to see if anyone can help :)

Hope the world is treating you well where you are,

Keep smiling :)



  1. Tania, your post is so nice and your comments in it! I love your colors for your different granny square projects! you have a good knack with grouping colors. nice car! My 17-year old daughter would be jealous. She got her license last year...very nerve-wreaking for me to have to sit in the car as she got all her driving hours in that were required. She rarely drives because my car, and my husband's truck, are so large..I'm afraid to let her drive them. For our other kids, we always had at least one of those a small car.

    your veggies look nice! Glad you got some rain...and you sure did! I don't know anything about the sign-ins...I sign in using my google mail account, which I made just for the blog. love,andrea

  2. Hi Tania,

    I really enjoyed looking at all your granny square projects. Very inspiring ...

  3. I love the daisy patchwork cushion - so happy and colourful and lovely detail :)

    Your dog looks gorgeous, she reminds me of my dog back in Perth who's a red heeler X and also quite old so is greying around the face. She still loves her ball too.

  4. Wow you have been crocheting up a storm! I love the phone case and the granny cushion and the bag and,,,,,oh well I think I just love it all lol!
    That is a nice looking car for your son. My eldest just bought himself a little Ford Laser and yep I worry every time he leaves the garage in it! My next boy turns 16 next January and I am already worrying about that one, he is a little more of a rebel than his older brother lol.
    I haven't had probs commenting so I'm not much help in that department.
    Enjoy the cooler weather, I know I am!

  5. OOOh squeeeee! Love the crocheting! Is my blog one that needs the profile entering, cos I recently took off the word verification as it's such a pin to have to do on other blogs so didn't want people having the bother with them on mine.

  6. Oh have been busy! I love the blanket you are making with the red trim.

    As for the choosing profile, I always choose my Google Account, which I have to do to comment on most blogger blogs :)

  7. wow you have been busy - I love that bag you made - especially the little flowers on the sides. I find it difficult to get colours to look right but yours look good.

  8. There is so much inspiration here today. Thank you for the little window into your beautiful world.

  9. Oh Wow! you have been busy crocheting and the soap saver is great. It is always a worry when kids get behind the wheel but we all hope they are sensible.

  10. Tania I had that problem with blogger last year and it fixed itself after about 3 months of trying to comment. Drove me crazy though in the meantime.

    Love all of your granny square goodies.

    My oldest son gets his licence next year ahhhhhh

  11. Love your granny squares! So colorful and cheerful. Lucky son ...the car looks great although I am sure you are having a panic attack each time he sits behind the wheel!

  12. Hi Tania
    I am green with envy for your crocheting skills - very nice! Love them all.
    We are in the process of "L" plates atm. No fun for the parent is it?
    Re the comments - I have problems too and I think that some may have problem with my blog? All I know is that I didn't change anything, but blogger has somehow. Those word verification words trick me!

    I did go back and do a cookie cleanse I think, not sure if this helped or not for me. Time will tell. Good luck with your lovely blog - just keep trying with others. cheers Wendy

  13. I love your dog - she looks gorgeous.

    So much rain! your garden would have lapped it up. I had some commenting issues. You need to go to the bit where you choose an account or profile and pick your google account. (You have probably already tried this...) Hope it gets going again soon.

  14. Great grannies! I especially love the phone case.
    I've heard quite a few comments about people having problems with Blogger- some can't finish writing their own posts. Hopefully they'll get it sorted, whatever is causing it.

  15. Tania, I LOVE the use of colours in your granny square project. You really have an eye for combinations. I've recently started perfecting 'granny hexagons' and am enjoying the variation that it brings. Somehow they don't look quite so 'granny'.

  16. Rain, yay how wonderful.........don't you just love sitting inside and watching if fall outside......

    You have been busy finishing off projects et.c
    You Daisy Square cushion is delightful, beautiful and cheery and i love your little phone case too.

    Good luck with the driving lessons for your 16y.o. My hubby spent the majority of hours with my son when he was on his 'L's' as they travelled all over the countryside for gigs. We bought a manual van for him and I have to say he's a good driver, but I always breathe a sigh of relief when he arrives home and both he and the van are in one never stop being a mum do you?
    Sorry I can't help with any ideas on the commenting problem either.
    have a great week,

    Claire x


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