Monday, March 19, 2012

Satisfaction in...

 the making of something from food that is grown at home...

Carrot and zucchini slice...YUM!

 The recipe can be found here

Using some of the peaches that were given to us  I made

Peaches and Cream Dessert

This recipe can be found in the Women's Weekly Menu Planner series book 1

 60gm Butter
1/2 Sugar
1 egg
1 cup SR Flour
1/2 cup milk
425gms can sliced peaches, drained (I used my stewed ones)
300mls carton thickened cream
2 eggs, lightly beaten, extra
2 teaspoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Beat soft butter, sugar, egg, flour and milk in a small bowl with electric mixer for a few minutes or until smooth and changed in colour.  
Pour into greased, oven proof dish, top with peaches.  
Bake in moderate oven 40 minutes (microwave on HIGH 8 minutes). 
Pour combined cream and extra eggs over peaches, sprinkle with combined sugar and cinnamon, bake in a moderate oven further 15minutes or until set (or microwave on MEDIUM HIGH 5 minutes).




  1. Yum! and doesn't food grown in your own backyard taste better than anything else~! Thanks for sharing :) Ruth

  2. Oh yummmmmmmmmmm!

    I am going to have to make that zucchini slice, that looks delish!

    As for the Peaches and Cream,,,,I remember making that a year or so ago and we loved it. I have promised Hubby that once the "diet regime" is over we will treat ourselves to one dessert each week. I really can't wait to start trying out my sweet recipes again. I am having to be so selective in recipes I try at the moment, making sure they are ones the kids will eat, rather than just making it regardless, knowing that if the kids don't like it hubby and I can finish it off over a few nights lol.

  3. Those both look soooo yummy! Thanks for the link and the recipe...I will definitely be trying them.

  4. Carrot and zucchini slice is an old favourite of mine, especially during soccer season when we are in and out of an evening and don't have time to make anything. I usually make it in the afternoon and take it along with us to munch on. I guess it's even better when you've grown your own veggies too!

    The cake looks yummo.

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments too!!


  5. Since im still harvesting zucchini's im going to be making that first recipe thankyou so much for sharing it im always on the look out for something new to try when it comes to useing up zucchini's!!!

    Blessings Heidi :-)

  6. Hi Tania,yep nothing beats home grown and home made! You must have one very content husband with all your wonderful cooking, thanks for the link to VG's slice.

  7. Oh dear...I have such a sweet tooth!
    So tempting...I hope I have peaches in the storage room (purchased though, not fresh from the orchard...sigh)

  8. That dessert looks so good and I can imagine how good it smelt when cooking:). Now that it is cooler, I will be making more of those yummy desserts.

    I like zucchini slice and made it several times over summer.


I love reading your comments! Through them, I have learnt that there are some truly lovely people out there. Thank you :)