Monday, March 26, 2012


Life has been full up with everyday happenings, hence my blogging absence lately. Hubby is away for a couple of days, so I thought I would sneak in a blog post. 

The weather here at the moment is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful bright sunshine and gentle breezes, all the things I love about Autumn.  Life is good :)

In the kitchen I have been trying new recipes, some with an Asian touch....

Honey Prawn Stir-fry with rice... 

Black bean beef and fried rice... 

Plus looking for more ways to use up leftovers...
 A bit of pastry on top of leftover spaghetti...

Apple and Quandong (wild peach/bush tucker) Crumble...

Excitement as we picked our first little guava fruit...

Our boy turned 16 last week and this is the t shirt his sister gave it!
He went on the day down to the registration office, paid his money and came away with his "L" licence.  
Now there will be lots of driving lessons happening, and lots of extra petrol consumed in the process...
Oh well :)

 A little bit of crafting going on....

Knitting cute little owls lately...
And I am on the home run with my crochet blanket with one more round to go :)

Witchetty grub found under a tree root we had removed...
These are bush tucker for the Aboriginal people but I could not bring myself to eat him or her...
Nice, big and fat...

A heavy down pour of rain and strong wind all while the sun was shining... 

A lovely sunset after rain... 

Lots of baby geckos getting around....cute! 

Our home...

Some more flowers for me, from him xx

And finally 
A big stash of fabric samples gifted to me by Heather...thank you so much!

150 pieces of bliss...

Now what do I make??



 a patchwork quilt?

maybe a table runner?


All sizes from large to quite small...

Some lovely colours among them...

 and designs...

The ideas are endless... 

What would you do with them?

Wishing you all a truly beautiful day!



  1. Lots of wonderful things happening in your neck of the woods with new recipes, crafting and a birthday boy. You are going to have fun with those fabric samples, I just know it. I suppose I would choose to make a quilt with those samples but then I'm making my first machine sewn quilt so am probably obsessed with them at the moment.
    Have a fab week,
    Anne xx

  2. Teach your eldest daughter to sew? *lol*
    ~S. xo

  3. Looks like you have been busy and having fun! Congrats to the birthday boy and what fun deciding on the items to make with all that fabric.

  4. Yes, isn't this autumn weather nice? We had a cool weekend but it was nice for our Festival. You have been busy with food, craft, photos etc. Ugh, good luck with the Learner Driver - so glad that is behind me!
    We head to Adelaide this arvo for Kirby's Uni graduation tomorrow!

    Cheers - Joolz

  5. I'd make all of the above! :D And your food made me hungry! Time for dinner methinks! :D ♥

  6. Beautiful sunset, gorgeous owl and a lovely selection of material...the possibilities!! I'm into crocheting bags at the moment and then lining them with some material to make it stronger, perhaps you could do the same with some of your material. Or just make some lovely bags out of the material to put all of your yarn in.

    Happy week to you.


  7. Lovely photos. Lovvvvve the owl! Lucky girl with so many fabrics the choices endless. Bliss

  8. Ah ha L plates - isn't it fun teaching the young ones to drive!

    Cool stash pile there awesomeness!!!

    Love Leanne

  9. I love that tshirt lol...any chance you could find out where it was bought from? That would be perfect for my Mr15!!
    I adore that owl. You certainly have had a real crafty thing going on lately, it is wonderful!
    Your recipes are making me hungry, I have been having way too much salad lately lol,,,,I so want some dessert, or even that spaghetti pie looks fantastic.

  10. I was all prepared to comment that I was going to go make breakfast... the food looked amazing. Then came the grub. I'm fine now thank you! Have fun with that stash... What a treasure trove. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. Your blog is full of so many yummy and wonderful things.. :))

    Enjoy the Autumn days..


I love reading your comments! Through them, I have learnt that there are some truly lovely people out there. Thank you :)