Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Knitting dishcloths...


and pickling beetroot.
We got 13 jars from 6kg..

Picking broccoli...

And carrots...

Gifted mulberries...

He's been busy again, 
this time spreading gravel over the front yard to keep the dust down...
This is why hubby is so skinny lol!

Packing the gravel by driving back and forth...

Twas very foggy this morning.

Front yard...


Back yard...

Out Back...

Fruit trees...

Through the side sliding doors...

Out toward the veggie garden...

What is happening where you live?



  1. You sure keep your hubby busy! LOL....looks like you have been busy as well. Love the pictures of the fog...beautiful!

  2. Gotta say Tania......you've got one massive front yard!!
    Once again another post choc full of great garden produce and your makes......you have been busy.
    Never thought of you getting foggy mornings in Winter!
    What would be the lowest daytime temp there during WInter?

    It started off a real pea souper this morning, but the fog has disappeared and the sun is shining and it's just gorgeous. The fog this morning was as thick as the smoke during the bushfires of 2003.Back then the only way I could cope with it was by pretending that the smoke was actually fog and it was Winter time........

    Claire :}

  3. Debbie gotta keep moving that the secret. Tania just loves me cause i do the dishes..;-).....lol.

  4. it's cold!!!! that's it, it's just cold and icy and I don't want to go ouside.

    I'm crocheting and sewing instead

  5. Cold -2 this morning. great sunny days.. But they say this is winter ??

    Great Pics again Tania.. thanks for sharing :))

  6. Goodness, I haven't blogged since 21/06, haven't knitted a stitch but then I have been busy with my girls who were home for the weekend for Gus' birthday. so I'd better get blogging (and see what pics are on my camera...)...

    I am using my dishcloths now and really like them.


  7. Hi Tania, you know I am a big fan of how you manage to grow such a wonderful garden in a harsh environment. I got to share your garden and photos with Craig tonight and he was very impressed too. Just wanted you to know how much we admire you

  8. Hi Tania I'm just wondering if you would be able to put a pattern up of your dishcloths as I don't now how to knit but would love to learn and would like to be able to do some clothes also what wool/cotton do you need thanks a million ps I told my partner I would like a veggie garden just like yours nice and neat lol have a lovely evening

  9. That is quite a bit of fog! Your husband sure had his hands full! He did a perfect job. And you are keeping busy with your veg/fruit.

    My daughter talked my ear off, yesterday, as to how she wants to move to australia when she gets older! (I told her she can't even afford to visit let alone move! ha)

  10. Looking at what your front yard consists of I am even more amazed that you can grow vegetables there! It is sooo different to my climate.

  11. I had to drive through that fog! I couldn't see five feet in front of me and I lost my sense of direction! I didn't like it.

  12. hi tania
    you are very busy......all look good.
    i knitted a few disclothes too.i think i will make more.great pictures!!!!
    love and hugs,

  13. love the look of your dish clothes, do they last/wear well? Hope hubby got a good feed after all that hard work, his certainly a do'er!!
    Great pics of the fog.....
    Its cold, wet, muddy,windy and miserable here....lucky there's a good stack of wood and plenty of dry towels for the dogs,both of them are tucked up into beds under the veranda out of the cold!!

  14. Hi Tania love your photos thankyou for sharing your home with us.We have a blog called" where's thermi now" dropin and have a look at it,we are on the road full time and the blog helps keep peopl eposted & up to date as to our adventures.
    I have just made up your crnflake biscut recipe they are looking good.Cheers take care Carolyn.


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