Monday, June 18, 2012


From the garden:

We are still picking capsicums.

Our first potatoes.

Planted out a loquat tree.

We organised garden beds.

Hubby has been working hard to get these ready.



Brussels Sprouts.

and Beetroot.

The first garden.

Broccoli nearly ready.

From Generous Friends:

Some apples.

and some lemons.

From  the Produce Market...

Some mixed dried fruit.

Homemade goat's milk soap.

Two varieties of Kale for the garden.

Homegrown Avocados.

Growing an avocado tree?  
We will see :)

What did you get up to on the weekend?



  1. compared to your productive weekend, nothing LOL.... But.. it did rain and the days were really spent crocheting and cooking :))
    I am loving your garden.. well done to hubbie.. :))

  2. Gee, your raised garden beds look great - so organised. I always feel guilty when I see your garden and think that I haven't even been out in mine for so long - lazy and bad hip. Just went for a massage and not sure if the hip pain is worse than the massage or not. The lady moved muscles I never new existed.

    Do try the Lemon Delicious - it's um... delicious!

  3. Raised beds look amazing ...and I love see pics of that red soil you have! My weekend wasnt quite as energetic but I was out planting. I picked one little winter capsicum here in the Hunter Valley !

  4. Wow Tania, the new garden is looking great.....
    Have you heard of sprouting Broccoli plants? Your Broccoli looks wonderful. I bought a Kale plant on the weekend, never grown it before. No. 1 turned his nose up when I told him it was part of the cabbage family,lol...
    Our Loquat tree is just coming good after the cows stuck their heads over the fence and ate half of it........On a hot Summers day when I am out int he garden working, those Loquats are the best little thirst quenchers. Full of seeds but the juicy flesh is the best.
    I had 3 avocado seedlings pop up in the garden, I had buried some compost and they grew. I pulled 2 out but the frost has damaged the last one...we'll see what happens.

    Great post,

    Claire :}

  5. Your garden and produce are so nice! I see you protect your gardens from critters! love,andrea

  6. Wow, everything looks great! That garden and how you have it fenced in is fabulous! I am sure it will be extremely productive.

    Have a great week!

  7. Jealous with a capital J I am with your capsicum harvest. Ours have all turned black with the frosts now and it is all over red rover

  8. Love what you achieve in your garden under harsh conditions!

  9. It all looks good.
    What's your plan with the lemons and capsicums? I'm looking for ideas.

    I haven't commented for yonks but would like to say that I am really liking what you have been doing.


  10. Wow, your garden beds look great, I wish I had more space for more beds. I planted beetroot this year for the first time and they are growing well.

    Look at all of those lemons...I miss my lemon tree...maybe some Lemon Lemon Butter...yum.

    Can't wait to see how all your vegies grow in the coming weeks.

  11. Your veggie beds are very protected - what sort of wildlife do you have to keep out? Everything is looking so good. i seemed to have a bit of down time in the garden, but things are starting to produce now - I can see me looking for ways to use up cucumbers.

  12. I love your chook proof veggie garden, that's what we hope to do once we have our own place, for the moment though the chooks are fenced in and my veggie garden is free!

    Lovely Blog, I'll add you to my sidebar and call back soon.

    Sue xx
    Our New Life in the Country

  13. I would love more garden beds, running out of space unfortunately. Today I mulched the beds, planted some red currents and did some pruning. I still have more to do.

  14. Your garden beds are looking great :) Sounds like you are still producing some good food from your garden :)Thought I would pop in and say HI since I have been MIA for a while. Hope you and your family are well Tania, Regards, Ruth xx


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