Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Sad Day

We lost five of our best today in Afghanistan.

Rest In Peace

Three Australian Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan And An Emotional Haka Farewell For NZ Comrades

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of these brave soldiers...



  1. This was on the BBC today - my thoughts and prayers are with their families xxxxxxxxxx Love Froogs xxx

  2. I have not heard the latest news regarding this loss Tania. It is always such sad news. The soldiers are always in our prayers.
    Regarding your comment on my post:
    Oh how hard to live so far away from your girl who went to pursue her dreams. What is it she is doing there, if I may ask?
    And your other two girls....they live pretty near you. So that must be fun to see them often. I am not familiar with the young man you mention. We are huge Country music fans. I will google him and check it out. Good for him!!! I did go to Nashville about 20 years ago. I loved it. But I am glad that my son is going to wait a bit.
    Have a lovely day!!
    XO Kris

  3. That's just horrible. Prayers to the families.

  4. Remembering the families and your nation in prayer.

  5. O'h my heart is so sad and I am terrified that when the names are released that one could be on my next list of 10 for care packages aas they are all in Tk.

  6. A very sad day Tania! As an AFES for ARC(ret)and a Soldier's Angel, I was glad to see a mention such as this one on blog world lest they be forgotten!
    Thank you for reminding all of us, Freedom never comes cheap!
    God bless,


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