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Friday, December 28, 2012

Jamming Time

Apricot season...

The homemade slicer my dad made...

 Makes easy work of removing the stones.

Hubby made 43 jars of yummy apricot jam...

 We use smaller jars these days, as they are a better size to swap or give away, and once they are opened it doesn't take as long to use it up rather than the leftovers spoiling...

We still have plenty of apricots on the tree and these will be stewed and frozen for later use in pies or crumble.

My house is getting back to normal now, so the clean up begins.  Time to sort out, tidy up and toss!

The weather is lovely here at the moment, but it is hotting up again over the next week.



  1. yum!!!! I will be making ours tomorrow.

  2. Wow! That is a big effort, but how wonderful to have such a lot to put away or share. I like the idea of smaller jars -must try to keep my eyes out for these.

  3. what a treat, did you buy those red checkered lidded jars? They are so cute

  4. Jars available in various sizes at Cheap As Chips Sue xx

  5. Your jam looks yummy. I love apricots! What a clever Dad!

  6. Wonderful effort. Your huge crop shows what a good gardener you are. You need a dehydrator to make dried apricots. And set some aside in the freezer for apricot chicken, the most delicious Aussie dish imaginable.

  7. Oh my, look at all of that delicious apricot jam!! I so miss my apricot tree! We cut it down, along with the two peach and plums for the sport court to do in. I miss the summer fruit!
    Hard for me to imagine it being so hot where you live...at Christmas!! Glad you had a nice holiday!
    Have missed your posts!
    xo Kris

  8. Oh that slicer, would certainly make the job easier Tania and using the smaller jars is a great idea.
    I used to work at a small, local jam factory where we made Apricot and Almond, absolutely delish.....
    So nice to use your own fruit for jam...

    Claire :}

  9. yummy love appricotes. the weather here in melbourne has been so bi polar lately, but we too are warming up.

  10. Clever little stoning device! And I agree about the smaller jars. Don't forget to eat some sun-warmed, straight from the tree!

    Our apricots are just turning here; not many this year due to a heavy pruning but each fruit is much bigger than previous years.

  11. What a clever Dad you have must make preparing the jam so much easier! especially with such a fantastic crop of fruit. I like the little jars too as I'm the only one in our house who eats jam.

  12. Since I didn't get enough apricots from my little tree for jam, I suppose I'll just have to steal some of yours. ;)
    ~S. xo


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