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Monday, February 11, 2013

What's been happening?

Lots of pickings from the garden,

the biggest one weighed 7.9kgs (17.5lbs)

Mmmm yum!



into jam...


into jam...

Golden nugget pumpkins, cucumbers, tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants...

 Twenty five kilos of tomatoes (55lbs)
We picked these up for $1.00/kg

 tomato sauce 

 Homemade veggie pasties

 plus sauce equals yum!

Water bathing

Pasta sauce

One for the Valentines

 Homemade bread...

 from the recipe here

 The weather has been very warm to hot, but pleasant at the same time.  There is a feel of Autumn in the air, this makes me happy :D

I have been a bit time poor lately, hence my blog being a bit quiet. Summer has been a busy time this year with lots of preserving going on, and I will glad of a rest...

Do you preserve your harvest? 



  1. Oh my, you HAVE been really busy! Lots of good eating ahead for your family. Watermelons, nectarines and tomatoes... love them all!

  2. Looks utterly delish Tania.

  3. That's a nice pair of melons you have there!! The rest looks pretty amazing too, you have been very busy.

    xx Susan

  4. Wow those melons look so delicious. You have been busy. I have wanted to can but am afraid to start for fear I poison the family.

  5. Darn, your post made me hungry. I'm headed for the kitchen! (We've still got a little snow on the ground here.)

  6. Wow, you have been really busy! I had never thought of using leftover jars for canning. Have you ever a problem using them? (no seal for example?)

  7. My, what big melons you have! lol....all that produce and home baking and preserving. nothing finer....and oh my goodness, fig jam, my favourite...nothing beats fig jam on soft white bread with cream...shhhh, naughty...

  8. Oh wow...look at all your produce...fantastic! How good are you with doing all that preserving...well done! I would like to have more time to do more.

  9. my goodness gracious girl...you sure got some awesome fruit and veggies growin...We just 'spoke' on skye to one of Asher's (youngest son) friend who flew into Australia earlier this week to go to school there....thought of you..I have not seen a watermelon that size in a long time..they are usually a ball shape these days in this part...and when they come in that shape..they are half the size...love the heart tomatoe...too cute.

  10. Debbie, we don't have any problems with the jars. We prefer to use the pop top type and they reseal really well. The heat makes the pop top suck back down. I guess it is the same as using Mason jars over and over, so long as they seal...On occasion when we have run short of jars to use, the ones without the pop top, worked just as well :)

    I haven't cooked tomato pasta sauce before and was a bit reluctant to start with but am happy to use it now :)


  11. Elaine, so long as everything is sterilised and hot when you can, there shouldn't be a problem. My parents have been preserving for years with no problems. We are all still alive after eating theirs lol!

  12. Wow Tania! What a harvest!!! You are really getting a lot out of your garden!!!! Have missed your post!!!

  13. Tania I am absolutely in awe of your garden produce, especially under the extremes that you garden under. This season I grew the heirloom variety of watermelon "Moon & Stars" they went O.k not outstanding but the few I did get were quite nice.

    I have missed you posting & have checked in a few times, great pick of your melons ;)

    Any possibility of your posting your tomato Sauce & Pasta Sauce recipe??
    Caroline xo

  14. Amazing harvest. I can't wait till summer now! Those melons are huge and I'm very jelous of your figs - something I can never get to grow!

  15. Everything looks delicious! I too would be appreciative of your tomato sauce recipe and direction if you wouldn't mind sharing them. I really like the valentines tomato :)

  16. Wow those tomatoes are cheap !!! DH grabbed some for me yesterday and had to pay $22 for 9kg. I will make passata from them and dry some of ours.

  17. No wonder you are time poor - you have been so busy! Awesome produce - those watermelons look so juicy.

  18. Hi, new follower from Down to Earth comments today. Looking forwards to reading your blog in full. Can i pinch your photo of the heart tomato. I wouldnt do so without permission.

    Fellow Blogger

  19. You may use the heart tomato photo Lynda D :)


  20. Gobbed smacked !!! I would love to see your tomato sauce recipe also. I bottles some sauce last week but it doesn't look as red and inviting as yours does. It reminds me of my X's mothers Italian tomato sauce, lot's of work but so worth it. Great blog by the way.

  21. Awesome harvest! Fun to see all of your beautiful pictures!

  22. I'll say you have been busy! What bounty! Almost makes me wish summer was here in the U.S.. Almost. Actually, I do look forward to it, but right now I'm content to keep on knitting and baking with the sun coming up a bit later and going down a bit earlier. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  23. Hi Tania,
    yes we preserve, being oldies it is something we have grown up with.. but I am jealous, yes green as , LOL.. you have FIGS..................
    what can I say?
    I love everything you have done,
    I do have a question for you.. about your pasta in a water bath.. just screw top recycled jars..??. I have never done this..Hints tips??
    Thanks for sharing .. Hugs pat..

  24. Goodness, no wonder you have been time poor - for blogging, that is. You've been so busy making such wonderful things with that wonderful produce. It all looks delicious.

  25. Hi Tania, I found your blog by visiting one of the regular ones I visit. I too have been preserving, but I have been waiting for cooler months or a rainy afternoon to give me an excuse to stay indoors and enjoy my kitchen. At the moment, I relish in the outdoor activities and beach day outings.

    I love your watermelons and the heart-shaped tomato :)

    Bella @ Sea and Salt

  26. Wow what a collection of fruit and veg you have:))) I didn't make quite as much jam this year as there is only 2 of us and we don't eat jam anywhere as fast as we use to.

  27. Hi Tania,
    So nice to visit your blog again.
    I had stopped blogging, but just couldn't stay away.
    Your harvest looks wonderful !!
    Have a great day.

  28. Hi Tania - I " found" your blog on the Down to Earth Blog :-)
    I preserve between 500 and 100 jars of food per year. We live on a farm.I am looking forward to reading your blog.
    Karen NZ

  29. Wow all that home-grown/made food really is whetting my appetite!

    Just one question- how do you manage to accumulate all those jars? I'm keen to start preserving, but jam's the only thing we buy in a jar and it takes us ages to get through. Do you have any tips? (sorry if this has been answered before here!)

    Love from Sonia in Melbourne :)


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