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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Weekend for Revheads

It was a lovely warm day on Saturday and the annual car show was on, so off we went for a look.  Usually it would be held at a different venue, but this year it was held at the Wharflands Plaza in 
the car park.

There were many old favourites, 
I took some random snap shots for you to enjoy!

I loved this one!
I used to own one similar to this but with four doors J

It is hubby's dream to own one of these J

A local policeman owns this one...


See the red mustang below?  
It is for sale, and I want it!

Members of the Adelaide Speed Boat Club were showing their stuff on the water, but unfortunately we missed out on seeing them.  By the time we got there the last of the speed boats was on show but it broke down...

Here are some pictures of the gulf. 

 Some lucky people having some fun J

 Looking along the wharf...

You can see where Port Augusta is located on the map below.
We are at the top of Spencer Gulf, where the outback meets the sea J

Where to next??
Come back tomorrow and I will show you J

What did you get up to on the weekend? Hope the weather was nice J 



  1. "Revheads" is a new term for me, it must be an Aussie expression. We haven't had Woolworth's in this country for years!

  2. I love those cars, Tania. Just go and buy the mustang! LOL! That was interesting to see the region you live in. My sister used to live around Hawker. I think that was the name of the place. It was very dry there I think.

    Your temperature for tomorrow is cooler than ours as we are due for a 30 degree day again. Too hot for us!

  3. I saw that Woolworth's too. When I was a kid they were everywhere, but as the man says, long gone now.

    We have car shows at our bank in town during the summer. They always block off the road in front of the bank but I guess it's worth it.

    That town you were in looks like a fun place to just roam around in. I like that it was right on the water.

  4. When we go to car shows, my husband wants so many I tease him about needing a ten car garage. His eyes just glaze over. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing. Lots of great old cars...loved the Charger. That is my husband's favorite.
    blessings, jill

  5. Looks like a great time. Love the cars. That hot rod with the exposed engine is wonderful. It would be a shame if it got dusty. Yes, I saw two cars like we owned. BUT, take one picture of the Mustang and buy a Toyota, you know it is the sensible thing to do!!!

  6. Tim's dream car is a Torana XU1. I think he might not only be a bit of a revhead at heart but perhaps has a touch of bogan thrown in too.


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